Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

Amazon.comAMZN105.20 $Buy Now

Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

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Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

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Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

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Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

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Bundle of investment news: James Bond and Cricket for Amazon, installments for Apple

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Amazon abandons Indian cricket, private fund reduces the price of its offer for an IT startup, Apple makes a number of important statements.

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all issuers are from the USA, then all results in dollars. When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. We hope, Do you know, what to do.

Played and enough is enough.: Amazon will not overpay for Indian cricket

Last week there were reports that, that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) decided to drop out of the race for the rights to stream matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on cricket because of the inflated cost of these very rights. You will not believe, but for these rights at one point asked for 7.7 billion dollars, and later the cost began to fluctuate around 6 billion.

Cricket, being a monstrously boring sport, has an unexplained appeal in the countries of the former British India. By the way,, in the original version of the opening scene of Casino Royale, Bond caught up with his victim at a cricket match.. EPL matches are watched by over half a billion spectators, which puts these matches in popularity in third place in the world after the English Premier League and matches of the American National Football League.

Amazon at one time bought different rights to broadcast as an American, and European football, although the IPL deal would have been the biggest in its history. But it didn't work out..

Also, Disney claimed Indian cricket from the companies known to us. (NYSE: DIS) and Sony (NYSE: SONY). By the way,, Indian service Hotstar, owned by Disney, gives nearly a third of Mickey Mouse's 138 million streaming subscribers.

But as a result, the rights to broadcast the IPL for $ 2.7 billion received a joint venture of the Indian company Ambani and the American media holding Paramount Global (NASDAQ: PARA).

The IPL news is notable for two reasons that don't overlap much..

First: obviously, that Amazon's investment slowdown isn't just about its retail business., but also other industries. Maybe, it will now use the cash surplus to strengthen its cloud division., which gives it a major profit — and which is now forced to fight to maintain its hegemony with Microsoft., Google and Alibaba.

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Second: obscene prices in the field of streaming are already growing not so quickly. As you may have noticed on the decline in prices for IPL rights, they, who could overpay for the rights to broadcast matches, quickly exited the game, and trading now passes through the lower boundary.

Think, this will keep in check the costs of content production for different streaming businesses.

Calculated: Anaplan's purchase price is reduced

The story of the purchase of a loss-making IT startup Anaplan (NYSE: PLAN) took a new turn: buyers from the private fund Thoma Bravo thought and decided to reduce the price of their offer to buy from 66 to 63,75 $.

Probably, the fund's investors were shocked by the terms of the deal: a company with a final margin minus 34,38% from revenue bought at the price 15 annual revenues and with a premium to its price 30,45% — and demanded a price reduction.

Concerning, it seems to me, the probability of closing the transaction is reduced by revising the terms of sale of the company, Anaplan shareholders may be outraged: the company is already not bought at the price of historical highs..

Certain conclusions can already be drawn from this story., regardless of whether, what outcome it will come to: sometimes it is better to sell shares of the company bought by someone immediately before the closing of the transaction - because it may not be closed or closed at a price worse than the proposed one.

Sell for the future: Apple wants to do installments

At the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) made a number of important statements.

Some of them are purely technical.: new versions of the company's OS and laptops. Some are of some interest to investors – for example,, Apple-designed new M2 processors, which are used in her laptops, Show good performance, and that's bad news for companies like Intel..

But the main announcement at the conference, in my opinion, this is Apple's entry into the business with installments.

The company will soon launch the Apple Pay Later service (APL) — it will work within the infrastructure of Apple Pay, – the essence of which is the payment by the buyer of the company's products of the full cost of the goods in parts.

In the review of the Affirm installment service, I told, why installments are considered a fresh and promising phenomenon in the West. The bottom line is this: previously, all the needs of the population were covered by growing wages and loans available to the majority of the population..

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The situation has changed since then.: incomes are not particularly growing and consumption is falling, and the pool of people with a credit rating remains intact. That's why, to stimulate the marketing of goods themes, who can't buy them now, retail companies began to stimulate the creation of installment services.

Apple has already received in most of the states permission to conduct a credit business, what you need to get started with APL. Apple will write out installment loans itself, so in case of cheating or non-payment, it will also incur losses.. But the company is not in the worst position., and it even has some advantage..

Information about borrowers, she will take not only from credit bureaus, but will also use the richest deposits of Apple ID data.

I wouldn't think of APL as the solution to all of Apple's problems., but also there is no denying, that this is an interesting experiment. We can also consider the story with the APL an attempt by the company to guerrillaly squeeze into the service sector.: her early attempts to play monopolist and shake bribes from developers are defeated. So,, it needs alternative solutions, which will allow it to further capitalize on the wide audience it already has.

Also, the arrival of Apple in this area shows us, on what shaky grounds the business of companies like Affirm stands.. Large brands with a huge user base, as it turned out, can independently launch installment services, обходясь без посредников типа Affirm.

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