Bundle of investment news: food delivery and internet shutdown

Пачка инвестновостей: доставка еды и отключение интернета

Bundle of investment news: food delivery and internet shutdown

DoorDash expands, internet security suffers, companies report.

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all issuers are from the USA, then all results in dollars. When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. We hope, Do you know, what to do.


Semiconductor manufacturer ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ON) pleased investors with news of revenue growth on 38%. Business margin has increased dramatically: gross margin increased from 30,8 to 38,3%, and operating margin — s 3,6 to 16,9%. Loss in 1,4 million was replaced by a profit of 184,1 million. By the way, our investment in this company worked, thanks, what was asked.

Cybersecurity consulting company KnowBe4 (NASDAQ: KNBE) reported revenue growth c 41,489 to 59,35 million. But the profit in 429 thousands was replaced by a loss in 16,863 million.

REIT of office real estate Vornado Realty (NYSE: VNO) сообщил о росте выручки с 343,026 to 378,941 million, and the loss in 197,750 million was replaced by a profit of 48,045 million. На фоне того, that many large tenants left the New York City company., this is a very cool result.

Manufacturing facility Curtiss-Wright (NYSE: CW) увеличило выручку на 13%. Grew up as sales of goods, так и продажи услуг. Double-digit revenue growth was recorded in all segments. The operating margin of the business increased from 10,1 to 15,2%. Profits have almost doubled..

У автомобильного ресурса CarGurus (NASDAQ: CARG) revenue increased by 130%. Revenue in the subscription segment increased by 78%, and the profit is almost four times, almost entirely due to operational activities.

Redfin real estate search and valuation service (NASDAQ: RDFN) reported revenue growth on 121%: продажи основного продукта компании и услуг выросли более чем в два раза. Но убытки тоже: they've more than quadrupled.

At cryoport drug development software and product vendor (NASDAQ: CYRX) revenue increased by 498%. Such growth was made possible by the acquisitions of other companies.. Organic growth due to the existing business was 55%, which is also good. Loss slightly decreased: with 5,803 to 5,389 million.

Dropbox cloud service (NASDAQ: DBX) told "the city and the world" about the growth of revenue on 13,5%, and profit increased five times. Seems to be, the presence of the Elliott Management Investor-Activist Fund in the ranks of the company's shareholders has a positive impact on the company's management: расходы не только не выросли, но даже упали.

Ah, если бы каждый убыточный ИТ-стартап мог почувствовать на себе тяжелую заботливую руку крупного и деятельного миноритария!

Food mergers and acquisitions

Food delivery service DoorDash plans to buy a stake in German food delivery service Gorillas for 2,5 billion dollars. Деньги у DoorDash есть: according to the latest report, she has about 4 billion dollars. Although someone could say, that this money can be better used, because DoorDash is unprofitable, how, however, и весь сегмент доставки еды, including Gorillas. Although within the logic of the development of DoorDash, this is a logical move..

It's the largest food delivery platform in the U.S. by customer spending., And, given the low marginality of this sector, the company should have been expected to expand extensively in order to gain a larger market share., in order to increase your margin in this way.

Not Fastly enough

IT service provider Fastly reports lower revenue expectations: not so long ago, the company had a large-scale shutdown., because of which the sites of many of its customers were unavailable. As a result, some customers refused to use the company's software., which affected Fastly's revenue expectations.

It's a good reminder of that., that protecting the security of the Internet connection in our time is already like protecting irrigation canals in ancient Egypt. Основа всей экономики и жизнедеятельности.

Looking wider, outside of the Internet, then moving people to a remote location has led to neglect of security protocols and, Consequently, to the increase in the number of hacker attacks. User errors are usually a prelude to 90% cyber attacks. According to research by SonicWall, in 2020 The number of ransom attacks increased in the world by 62%, and in prosperous North America, by whole 151%.

Therefore, now companies acquire great value for shareholders., working in the field of cybersecurity and networking: obviously, that potential customers have no reason to save on their services. Against, you can and should spend huge sums. И в то же время каждая из таких компаний сама может стать жертвой как хакерской атаки, as SolarWinds, так и просто технического сбоя, как Fastly.

And that's a serious vulnerability., because reputation in this business is almost everything: detection of vulnerabilities in the software can lead to an outflow of customers.