Pachka investnovostej apple tajvanskie chipy i huawei ae2edf3 пачка инвестновостей: apple

Bundle of investment news: Apple, Taiwanese chips and Huawei

Пачка инвестновостей: apple, тайваньские чипы и huawei

Apple goes to meet programmers. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing meets itself. Deutsche Bank goes nowhere. And the events in Afghanistan lead to an increase in semiconductor exports from the United States to China - but this is not accurate..

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all US issuers, then all results are in dollars. When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. Hopefully, you know, what to do.

Apple discord

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) decided to let app developers, выставленных в App Store, давать пользователям возможность осуществлять покупки в приложениях в обход системы платежей Apple. As you remember, изначальное нежелание Apple терпеть это привело к эпичной судебной тяжбе с Epic Games.

Apple also created a $ 100 million fund to help app developers, у которых в период с июня 2015 по апрель 2021 размер годовых продаж не превышал миллиона долларов. Разработчики получат от 250 долларов до 30 тысяч долларов каждый. По иронии судьбы это никак не влияет на исход тяжбы с Epic Games, where are the main charges, charged by Apple, состоят в том, that the company abused its monopoly position and removed the Epic Games apps from the App Store.

Basically, решение Apple позволить разработчикам получать платежи за пределами экосистемы компании в долгосрочной перспективе может даже навредить ее планам. After all, Apple is about to move to a business model, в которой доминирующую роль играют продажи услуг, а не устройств. Если покупки в приложениях осуществляются внутри системы Apple, то она получает комиссию — в пределах 15—30% от суммы транзакции, в зависимости от размеров годовой выручки разработчика.

But so far, it is not possible to determine the scale of the lost income from this decision.. With the new state of affairs, users will have to agree to the transfer of data to application developers, before they are offered the option to pay bypassing Apple.

More money to the god of chips

Semiconductor Manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM) decided to raise the prices of their chips. The most advanced chips will become more expensive by 10%, and older ones - by 15-20%. Changes will take effect on 1 quarter 2022.

This is very good news for TSM shareholders.. Considering the importance of supplying these components for the operation of the final goods, in which these chips end up, TSM customers will have no other choice, except pay more.

For the same reason, this is bad news for almost everyone else., since the cost of manufacturing electronics will become significantly more expensive. Manufacturers, most likely, will invest increased costs in the price of goods, and such prices can force consumers to hesitate in their purchasing decisions. However, will it really be, we will find out only next year.

For slander and voluntarism

US authorities - federal prosecutors and the Securities Commission - are investigating Deutsche Bank's investment arm. More precisely, in relation to the investment fund DWS Group, which is owned by Deutsche Bank. The former head of sustainable development is suspected of, that he exaggerated the use of sustainable development criteria in investment decisions.

DWS is suspected of, that they misled investors about the ethics of their investments. for example, in March 2020, the investment fund approved, which is over $ 450 billion, and this is more than half of the fund's assets, invested based on the use of ESG analysis. But internal audit, earlier, showed, that only a small fraction of the investment has used such an analysis. Moreover, audit showed, that DWS does not have a well-thought-out methodology for such analysis.

DWS speaks in its own defense, that ESG criteria are constantly changing and that DWS itself simply adheres to more conservative ESG standards.

In the ESG article, we mentioned, that over time, a witch hunt will begin in this area: “Orthodox” advocates of ethical investing will start looking for those, who is "insincere" in this regard and is engaged in "greening" the business, which de facto does not meet the ESG criteria at all. And as you can see, this hunt started even earlier, than you could have imagined.

After this case, a wave of similar investigations of the work of other organizations may begin., who put an ESG stamp on their company in the hope, that the progressive get-together will not poison their business and even contribute to the improvement of the conditions for its functioning - simplified access to loans and pumping up quotations.

It turned out, that ESG is not just three letters, and also a bunch of related duties. Therefore, in connection with the history of DWS, I would expect a whole series of such checks in the corporate sector..

Can, but a little

US officials approve licenses for Chinese company Huawei to purchase hundreds of millions of US products, which they previously blacklisted. clear, what is good news for Huawei, but these events can be interpreted in a broader context.

One of the most important exporting countries for American companies, in particular in the field of semiconductors and high-tech equipment, - this is the PRC. The Chinese are now intensively developing their own high-tech production, in this connection they need a large amount of appropriate equipment. This export item is very vulnerable, since at any time the American authorities may close the export of such advanced products to China for reasons of national security. It is also worth considering the significant tension in relations between the United States and China..

Against this background, the indulgence for Huawei allows us to cautiously hope that there will be no significant restrictions in the future.. And for that, what companies, which are highly dependent on Chinese revenue, will be able to work calmly and further.

The reasons for such indulgences for Huawei can only be guessed at. maybe, influenced by recent events in Afghanistan. PRC is on very good terms with the new Afghan regime thanks to Pakistani mediation. But the United States is on very bad terms with the new Afghan regime., with whom they are fighting almost 20 years. In the capabilities of the PRC to simplify the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan - and in their own capabilities to spoil this evacuation as much as possible. If the Afghan version is correct, then it raises concerns. Means, no long-term warming is in question: as soon as the last American leaves Afghanistan, US government may immediately renew pressure on China's tech sector with a vengeance.

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