Let's bounce, certainly, maybe not so impressive, like Europeans with Americans, but some papers and software 10-15% will do right away, just look at ADRka. So what is next, no one knows. Spent the weekend at the dacha, and it was, actually don't give a damn about the euro, markets, forecasts, and other vanity. Lately I notice, that some are screaming loudly (probably it has always been like this), what do they know how to do, and how is it right, and what to do, and how to live, and others say, don't understand shit. And make outwardly compelling arguments, than cause approval and applause from some, and violent rejection of those in opposite positions, which is quite natural, for these others can provide evidence of the correctness of their own point of view, but which are unlikely to convince opponents. Obviously, nobody knows the truth, but admitting it is scary and uncomfortable, because how then to answer simple questions: “for what?”, “why?”, “why?”…

  Robot. While in long.
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