ResMed Overview: control of sleep apnea and respiratory diseases

Обзор ResMed: борьба с сонным апноэ и респираторными заболеваниями

ResMed Overview: control of sleep apnea and respiratory diseases

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ResMed (NYSE: RMD) is an American manufacturer of medical equipment. The company is considered a leader in its niche. But it is very expensive., which raises concerns about the stability of its quotes.

When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. We hope, Do you know, what to do.

What do they earn

The company makes hardware and software mainly in the field of sleep apnea and various respiratory diseases.. The company also makes devices for the treatment and diagnosis of various pulmonary and related problems..

Revenue structure of the company, according to its annual report, Such:

  1. Devices - 50,36%.
  2. Masks and other accessories, that connect to these devices, — 37,94%. What does it look like, could be seen in the last "Spider-Man": this was used by Happy (John Favreau). The first two segments are basically the same category.: masks are needed for devices, and devices for masks. Operating margin of the combined segment — 36,72% from its proceeds.
  3. Cloud Software - 11,7%. Collection and analysis of data from company devices, as well as software for managing a medical enterprise. Segment operating margin — 24,9% from its proceeds.

In the US, the company makes 61,39% proceeds, the rest is in others, unnamed countries.

Arguments in favor of the company

Something to be proud of. Компания выступает лидером в своей нише по количеству публикаций — 1096 из общего количества в 1996, – which indicates an advantage in R&D. It has a fairly large potential market.: 936 million people, those suffering from sleep apnea, 380 million people, suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, And 330 млн человек с астмой.

In terms of achievements, everything is also very good here.: more 16 million devices, connected to the cloud service, And 18,5 млн пациентов на обслуживании в облачной системе мониторинга AirView.

All in all, from a business point of view, the company looks very promising.

Pursuit of Purity. The company has been working hard over the past few years to reduce its debt burden., which cannot but rejoice in the conditions of an increase in the cost of loans.

What can get in the way

Think for yourself. Logistical challenges, which are now tormented by many enterprises, will inevitably spoil the company's reporting.

Price. The company is worth exorbitant money: P / S she has 9,9, a P / E — 65,34. Investors, obviously, gave the company a huge credit of trust, but not a fact, that the company will justify it.

This makes her quotes very vulnerable.: a correction is suggested. In absolute numbers, the company is relatively cheap: у нее капитализация 35,01 billion. But, I think, investors current price will scare off.


В конце декабря 2020 скрепя сердце, when stocks were at all-time highs, I took them for the price 212,42 $ with an eye on, that someone will buy the company in the next two years at the share price 260 $. In the end no one bought it., а уже в сентябре 2021 ее акции стоили 297 $.

Is it worth taking these shares now?, it is hard to say: they cost a little less - approx. 239 $. But the company is not cheap, let it occupy an interesting niche. 28 April she has a report for this quarter, so I would look at the report itself and, no less important, on the reaction of investors to it.

More to know, what the company pays 1,68 $ dividend per share per year, which gives approximately 0,7% per annum. I do not think, that even their complete abolition will lead to a fall in quotations.