Gossamer Bio Review: not "goose", a biotech

Обзор Gossamer Bio: не «гусь», а биотех

Gossamer Bio (NASDAQ: GOSS) - a young biotech company from California. Бизнес основан в 2015 году и стал публичным с 2019 через размещение акций на Nasdaq. The company focuses on the development of drugs in the field of immunology, oncology and therapy of inflammatory processes.

Where does the money come from

Gossamer Bio conducts research, разрабатывает медицинские препараты и готовит к коммерциализации на рынке США. The company's main products are in the clinical stages of development, which must be passed by any new drugs in America before directly applying for registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Portfolio of drugs under development

The company is currently working on several products.:

  • GB002, or seralutinib, for use in pulmonary arterial hypertension;
  • GB004 for use in patients with ulcerative colitis;
  • GB5121 for use in cancer-care facilities with primary CNS lymphoma.

Also in development at an early stage is the drug GB7208 for use in multiple sclerosis.

What's wrong

The company does not have a single registered drug. So far, the company's essential drugs are at best in the second stage of clinical trials or even in the earlier stages of development.. All the ups and downs of quotations are mainly due to the intermediate results of these tests..

With all the ambition, the issuer lacks the reinforcement of its abstract prospects with a real drug., which is approved, successfully sold and brings money. So far, Gossamer Bio shares are more attractive for short-term speculation, чем для инвестирования в них.

The ratio of liabilities to equity has been growing for the third year in a row. The financial leverage ratio shows, that the company is borrowing more and more funds. And although the current value in 0,96 item is quite normal, stable growth of the indicator is slightly alarming.

The company is overvalued. This thesis is best supported by the p multiplier. / BV, which reflects the ratio of the company's market capitalization to its book value and is one of the pillars of value investing. Если инвестор придерживается заветов Бенджамина Грэма и Дэвида Додда, it is unlikely that Gossamer Bio shares at the moment will seem to him a good acquisition.: for every dollar of equity, the company will have to pay more than four.

What good

Novelties on the market. 11 October the company announced work on two new drugs: GB5121 и GB7208 исследуются для применения в связанной с ЦНС онкологии. Старт клинических испытаний для первого препарата запланирован в четвертом квартале 2021, for the second half of the year 2022. Replenishment of the public portfolio of developed drugs has a positive effect on the future of Gossamer Bio, and its short-term prospects: according to Finviz, shares of the issuer on the day of the news release added 6,5%.

Institutional investors hold more 63% Shares. Фонды и крупные инвестдома присутствуют в акционерном капитале компании в большом количестве, which in turn serves as an indirect reassurance to smaller players – among the most notable names here are the pillars of The Vanguard Group and BlackRock..

Государство вкладывается в здравоохранение. В информационном бюллетене о бюджетном плане президента США на 2022 год заложено 6,5 млрд долларов на создание агентства перспективных исследовательских разработок в сфере здравоохранения (ARPA-H) with a focus on cancer problems, диабета и болезни Альцгеймера.

Документ устанавливает целью организации «ускорение одобрения и введения в эксплуатацию прорывных инновационных разработок», which may well play into the hands of the target projects of some pharmaceutical companies - such as, as GB5121 Gossamer Bio for lymphoma therapy.

What's the bottom line?

Gossamer Bio — типичный представитель сектора биотехнологий. Great prospects, lack of revenue, значительный долг и будущее, весь позитив или негатив которого опирается на решения американского FDA.

So far, the company is unlikely to be of interest to a wide range of retail investors., but on the horizon of five years, it can safely bring its drugs to the US market and back up corporate ambitions with real commercial success..