New turn

For about three weeks, there were all sorts of thoughts in my head about, what to write in the next post.
If it's cool to collect them, that's a good story. But I’m unlikely to succeed, because I started to write a post in a notebook, while angry at the shitty internet, yes, and in principle a shitty job.
Although many can argue with me about work… And they will be right. I just can say so at least because of that, that there is a poor internet, and he is necessary for me, because on the internet I can earn more than at work at times.
There was a moment, when I almost broke up with Katya and was just crushed in shit as a person. It didn't give a shit about everything: to work, на деньги, машину, even for my life (it's good that I managed to overcome my emotions and stop the car, and not drive on in a drunken state).
It's been two days…
I thought it over… Received a letter from the owner of the store, that in the near future I will receive more.
Decided in general, that I can work in the internet right from work.
But fucking it doesn't end well. Back to that, because of what I started writing a post – waited for the moronic Internet to cut in for about half an hour. Which the, By the way, and is cut down every 10 minutes.
In general, I'm fucking not happy with the current situation. I want to leave work again, but after thinking it over, after weighing all the pros and cons… (Although I wrote this part of the post on emotions. Paradox).
Move on, look at my life more globally: I have a favorite person, loving parents, friends, есть что пожрать всегда, there is a car and a small amount of money.
Why am I still soaring and winding myself up all sorts of nonsense? I'm happy, you just need to realize it.
I have plans, there are opportunities, there is desire and a brain in my head. Bye


I'm mad because of that, that lately I have been working a lot on the internet, to save up for a deposit.

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