No discipline, no profit !!!

Money 2

In the past two weeks has not adhered to its trading system, chasing a big profit and temporarily got it, but after it went great and sustained damages as a result my account crept steadily downward. Why develop a trading system if it does not comply because of the misconduct and the thirst for a fast profit.

How can I do in this transaction to 50C and close it in the negative, all limit the risk of losses in a single transaction, to take the position 5-6 times more than usual, нахуй it should. There is no need to chase the huge amounts that have consistently earn and take home profits. I managed to start the day with a big advantage and took home an even greater disadvantage. Keeping open a fat profit and close to zero, all was not enough like a couple of cents. And the result is known to all, the loss of big money and damaged nerves.

With tomorrow’s trading with a minimum positions and strictly adhere to its trading system does not start again until a stable gain.

Making money is easy, it is hard not to lose them!

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