Learned to earn money steadily.

Often, being lucky to win on the stock exchange is compared to getting a craft. — alleged engineer, хирург или еще какой-то specialist предварительно пять лет учатся в институте, then the same amount of practice just to earn their salary. Why should it be wrong with a trader?? ….

It's that simple. because Trading это не ремесло и даже не работа, a game, and even a battle on the battlefield. Compared to a surgeon, then it must be compared with the battle of surgeons, who pull scalpels and clamps from each other, hurting each other in every possible way, as the prize is one for the crowd of surgeons, and who will manage to make a successful operation for the patient in this massacre, he will win the prize.
In a normal state, surgeons just get their salary, regardless of the success of the operations. And traders, только за то что они умеют смотреть на charts и накладывать на них индикаторы, of money, Unfortunately, do not receive. And they get money only in battle, if you're lucky. …..well, excluding near-market analysts, certainly, but that's another conversation..

Or, for example, it would never occur to anyone, that CSKA football club “learned to win consistently” — again, there is a competition and someone may be stronger than CSKA, but, Nevertheless, CSKA players will always receive their salaries, even if they lose to everyone. The trader, will receive his salary only if he wins. That's why, you can't call it work. It's closer to lotteries and casinos. :)

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