Moscow Exchange and "SPb-Exchange" summed up the results of trading for July

Московская биржа и «СПб-биржа» подвели итоги торгов за июль

Moscow Exchange and «SPb-birzha» summed up the results of trading for July

Moscow Exchange and «SPb-birzha» summed up the results of trading for July

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Moscow Exchange and «SPb-birzha» summed up the results of trading for July

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What are the results of the Moscow Exchange

Trading volume. As reported by the exchange, in July, the total trading volume in all markets amounted to 75.7 trillion rubles. That's up 3%, than in June.

The volume of trading in the stock market amounted to 1.49 trillion rubles. This is 2.5% less than in June. That's what that volume is all about.:

  1. Stock Trading, depositary receipts and shares — RUB 767.7 billion, or 15% less, than in June.
  2. Bond trading — 725 billion rubles, or +16,6% to the previous month.

In July, the stock market of the Moscow Exchange was placed 41 bond loan for RUB 506.3 billion, including one-day bonds for 320.2 billion.

The trading volume in the derivatives market increased by 20,7% and amounted to 6.4 trillion rubles.

In the foreign exchange market, they traded for 17.3 trillion rubles - 2.8% less, than in June. At the same time, the volume of spot transactions, that is, currency trading with settlements today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, grew up on 10,4% — up to 8.2 trillion rubles.

The volume of trading in the money market increased by 3.8% and reached 50.2 trillion rubles. Trading in precious metals increased immediately by 17% and amounted to 10.1 billion rubles.

Accounts. In July, the number of customers of Mosbirzhi increased by almost 386 thousand, while in June came 629 thousand. By the end of July, the number of customers reached 20.8 million, of these, transactions in the past month were made by 1.9 million people. A total of 34.8 million accounts were opened.

Number IIS reached 5.6 million. The turnover on them since the beginning of the year amounted to 1.1 trillion rubles, of them 88,5% — transactions with shares, 3,8% — with bonds, 7,7% — with exchange-traded funds.

Popular Papers. Here are the stocks found most often in the portfolios of private investors.:

  1. Gazprom — 28,7%.
  2. Sberbank, Common — 21,7%.
  3. Norilsk Nickel — 10,7%.
  4. «Lukoil» — 8,9%.
  5. Sberbank, privileged — 6,2%.
  6. Surgutneftegaz, privileged — 5,7%.
  7. «Yandex» — 5,3%.
  8. Rosneft — 4,8%.
  9. MTS — 4,3%.
  10. "Magnet" — 3,7%.

And here are the most popular exchange-traded funds in portfolios:

  1. TRUR, Russian Equity Fund, bonds and gold, — 21%.
  2. LQDT (formerly VTBM), money market fund, — 16,7%
  3. TSPX, stock tracking index S&P 500, — 10,1%.
  4. SBMX, tracking the index of Mosbirzhi full profitability, — 9,7%.
  5. EQMX (formerly VTBX), tracking the index of Mosbirzhi full profitability, — 9,4%.
  6. GOLD (formerly VTBG), gold fund, — 8,2%.
  7. TGLD, gold fund, — 8%.
  8. TMOS, equity fund of large Russian companies, — 7,6%.
  9. TEUR, European Equity Fund, bonds and gold, — 4,7%.
  10. OBLG (formerly VTBB), Russian Corporate Bond Fund, — 4,5%.
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What are the results of SPb-Exchange?

Trading volume foreign securities amounted to 7.2 billion dollars. It's on 27% less, than in June. Compared to July 2021, then the fall was 77%.

The average daily trading volume compared to June decreased by 23,4% — up to 360 million dollars. The number of transactions for the month fell by 15% — up to 7.49 million.

The number of active investor accounts in July decreased by 17,26% and amounted to 303.4 thousand.

With 30 In May, some foreign securities are not available for trading on SPb-Exchange. This applies to securities, which are accounted for in the National Settlement Depository (NSD), as the European depository Euroclear blocked transactions with securities in the NSD.

Popular Papers. The leaders in turnover in July were:

  1. Tesla — 21,37% of the total trading volume.
  2. Coinbase — 8,26%.
  3. Alibaba (Paper with NYSE) — 3,94%.
  4. AMD — 3,92%.
  5. Nvidia — 3,68%.
  6. Apple — 2,96%.
  7. MicroStrategy — 2,53%.
  8. Carnival — 2,02%.
  9. Netflix — 1,68%.
  10. Marathon Digital Holdings — 1,53%.

Shares from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since July, SPb-Birzha has launched trading 12 shares from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. For a month, almost 12 thousand investors made transactions with them.

Trading volume amounted to 155.5 million Hong Kong dollars. That's approximately $19.85 million..

Here are the securities of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange concluded the most transactions:

  1. Alibaba — 45,25% of the total trading volume for Hong Kong shares in July.
  2. Xiaomi — 14,83%.
  3. Tencent — 10,30%.
  4. — 8,80%.
  5. WH Group — 4,17%.

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