Moscow Exchange 15 august 2022: trading results, index dynamics, how the Moscow Exchange opened and closed

Московская биржа 15 августа 2022: итоги торгов, динамика индексов, как открылась и закрылась Мосбирже

Moscow Exchange 15 august 2022: trading results, index dynamics, how the Moscow Exchange opened and closed

How did the exchange open?

IN 10:00 Moscow Exchange index opened at 2147.76 points, approximately at the level of Friday's close. At the same time, the volume of trading at the opening was even lower., than a week earlier, - that is, no rush purchases and sales were observed.

For the first 20 Minutes of trading, the Mosbirzhi index rose by 0,8% — up to 2165.57 points. Thereafter, a slow decline began, and to 12:00 according to Moscow time, quotes have almost returned to the opening level.

RTS Index, which is calculated in dollars, at the opening it was trading at 1116.41 points, but to 12 the hours of the day decreased by about 1% — to 1104.63 points — against the background of the weakening of the ruble against the dollar on the currency exchange.

All bond indices are government bonds, corporate, municipal - at the opening of the exchange showed a slight increase - less 0,3% — to the closing level on Friday, 12 august.

Moscow Exchange 15 august 2022: trading results, index dynamics, how the Moscow Exchange opened and closed

How did the stock exchange close?

The index of Mosbirzhi at the close of trading amounted to 2165.12 points, adding for the day +0,83%. RtS index closed at 1112.93 points, descending to opening on 0,3%.

En+ became the growth leaders (+10%), "Rusal" (+6,8%), Fix Price (+5,8%), "Cherkizovo" (+4%), MMC (+3,6%), X5 Retail Group (+3,6%).

The drop leaders were HeadHunter (−3,6%), "Tatneft" (−2,1%), RusHydro (−2,1%), VK (−1,7%), Rostelecom ordinary shares (−1%), Transneft preferred shares (−0,8%).

What's the bottom line?

In general, trading on Monday was held on a weekday basis.. Moscow Exchange Index opened up, but then corrected and during the day traded in a narrow range of 2140-2160 points.

Some significant anomalies as in terms of trading volumes, and the dynamics of quotations 15 August was not noticed.

Probably, there are no serious reasons for sales yet.

Russian investors, who will receive shares instead of receipts, there is no great need to immediately sell them at low prices: quotes of many issuers are near multi-year lows. Besides, the conversion process itself, probably, will last for weeks, which will reduce the load on intraday trading. For example, conversion of Gazprom's depositary receipts into shares can be tentatively completed only in September this year.

Foreign investors from "friendly" countries also have no good reason to sell Russian bonds, especially against the background of the gradual recovery of the Russian economy. Their risks in our market are much lower compared to colleagues from "unfriendly" countries.. Besides, The Central Bank's measures for non-residents provide for a six-month "quarantine" for purchased assets in a special account, therefore, simply selling securities and running away will still not work..

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Probably, investors were afraid of innovations in vain – as you can see, they are unlikely to bring down quotes intraday, and in the long term, the easing of restrictions seems to be a rather positive factor for the domestic stock market.. The more investors will have access to the Russian stock market and the wider the tools available to them, the higher the chance, that trading volumes on the Moscow Stock Exchange will at least approach the pre-crisis levels. Although this is unlikely to happen anytime soon..

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