Metaverse. New reality or mirage

Metaverse. New reality or mirage

"The metaverse will create a new economy, which will exceed the size of the global GDP ".

It was with such a statement in August of this year made by the head of the head. Nvidia Jensen Huang. In July, the CEO Microsoft Satya Nadella presented the concept of his "corporate metaverse" at the conference. Amazon several years developing the experience of virtual shopping. Disney plans to create a metaverse amusement park. BUT Facebook rebranded and began positioning itself as a metaverse — Meta.

In the near future we will see a large-scale parade of variants of the proto-universes., which will be presented by corporations. What is this: another fashion trend or direction, that will change the life of mankind once and for all?

Author and definition

"Take a blue pill and the fairy tale is over.. You'll wake up in your bed and believe, that it was a dream. Take a red pill - enter wonderland. I'll show you, is the rabbit hole deep"?.

Term The Metaverse first appeared in Neil Stevenson's iconic post-cyberpunk novel Avalanche. 1992 G. Fantastic concepts, created by Stevenson, inspired by many from Silicon Valley.

Metaverse - World, uniting the physical, augmented and virtual reality, where people and intellectual objects actively interact within the framework of many created by corporations, singles or teams of metaspace developers on a different or single ethical, technological and economic platform.

Metaverse is called the next stage of development of the Internet, but, in my opinion, it's a very strong simplification.

Supposed, that people will connect to the metaverse in the form of digital avatars. They'll be able to do a lot of that., as in the real world, but in a new way: search for information, communicate, make purchases, To work, create new incredible objects and whole worlds.

People will be able to experience any other experience., which was, And, looking ahead, Tell, will become inaccessible to many people in the future within the physical world. Besides, in the metaverse, the fundamental separation of real people and digital avatars (AI-based programs) may gradually erd.

Supposed, that the avatar of a person in the metaverse can be whatever he wants and own anything., and death will not mean death in the real world. A lot will depend on the nature of the creators themselves and the basic parameters of the metaverse..

Main features

"You think, that my reaction and strength are here, in this world, depends on muscles? Not. I don't even breathe air.".

I suggest you first watch a short video-explanation about the object under study from Reuters, before moving on to a more specific description.

Venture capitalist and modern ideologue of the metaverse Matthew Ball identified its seven main features:

• Infinite existence. Never reset, does not suspend work and does not end.

• Works in real time and does not depend on external factors, although developers can create and schedule events in the metaverse.

• No limit on audience size and number of concurrent users. Everyone can at any time connect to the metaverse and participate in its life on an equal footing with others.

• There must be a fully functioning economy. People and companies can receive some kind of remuneration (analogue of money) for "work", which brings "value", recognized by others, spend it and invest it.

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• Metaverse unites the physical and digital worlds, open and closed platforms, private and public networks. It's a "single digital whole".

• Data compatibility required, Items, assets, Content, transmitted between digital worlds.

• Metauniverses should be filled with "content and experience", created by its own users: singles, groups or businesses.

Another of the features may be the construction on the basis of the decentralization paradigm. Maybe, the most successful metaverse will not have a single operator, for example, a corporation like Facebook. People will probably want to build a metaspace., Where is, as opposed to the physical world, not everything will be owned by corporations. Besides, the very technical nature of the facility will require the use of decentralized systems.

I think, that Matthew Ball also gave very useful characteristics of that, what not to confuse the metaverse with:

• Not just a "virtual world" like playing with characters and not a synthetic universe, created for only one purpose - the game.

• Not "virtual space", where there are no game objectives or skill systems.

• Not "virtual reality" (VR). A sense of being present in the digital world is not enough, full immersion is required.

• Not just a "digital and virtual economy"

• Not a "virtual amusement park"

• Not another "new app store" or "new user content platform".

From the first time the mind to grasp the whole concept is not easy, but it's because of, that at the moment we cannot experience a full experience of the metaverse. In addition, all that will be created first., what Ball attributed to an inferior metaverse. And we are, probably, we will be able to observe the development of the concept in the products of corporations in the near future. Paradoxically, all this will serve for its future basis.

The evolution of the metaverse — if at all — will take place for decades., and maybe, and longer.

Protovisual examples

"If you couldn't wake up., how would you know?, that dream, and what is the reality?»

Usually as visual examples of this., what is the metaverse, use movies like Steven Spielberg's First Player to Get Ready and the even darker Wachowski Matrix..

From the game industry, most often an example is given. Fortnite And Roblox. A good example of the rudiments of the metaverse could also be the Virbela platform.. Some elements of the metaverse were shown in the game Cyberpunk 2077. An example of a proto-universe based on the concept of decentralization can be Decentraland - a virtual world, основанный на блокчейне Ethereum. Has its own cryptocurrency MANA, Smart- and NFT contracts. In Decentraland you can get using a VR-helmet and immerse yourself in the virtual world, in which the value of digital land plots already reaches $500 000.

A radical visual example of this., that within the metaverse, or at least in some of its metaspaces, people will be able to create infinite worlds with any properties, in my opinion, there may be footage from Christopher Nolan's film Inception.

If we move on to protoproducts from corporations, then an example might be 25 May at the Ignite conference by the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella "corporate metaverse" - platform Microsoft Mesh for communication and work in mixed reality. You can use Azure Digital Twins to model objects, with Azure IoT - Virtual Space, and maintain and synchronize your digital twin. Power Platform will allow developers to expand information about digital twins and interact with data through lowcode- and nocode services.

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As for the products of another large corporation — Meta (Facebook), then not taking seriously the still very awkward drawn characters from the social environment of The Horizon will be a mistake.. Remember, what the Internet looked like in the 90s. See, what Zuckerberg will announce next week as part of the rebranding. In addition, existing technologies will allow you to quickly change the visual appearance..

As an example of one of the possibilities of the metaverse, you can quote THE CEO of Meta (Facebook):

An example of the rudiments of the metaverse from the side of iron, and not the software is presented in May of this year Project Starline by Google. Cabin, created for that, to make it seem during a video call, that you are in the same room with another member.

Until the end to imagine at the moment that object, what would be called the metaverse, That's impossible. It will be something like an attempt by a man from the 80s to imagine and realize the Internet. 2021 G.

New reality or mirage

"What is reality? And how to define it? The whole set of sensations: Visual, t tinge, olfactory are receptor signals, electrical impulses, perceived by the brain".

The hype around digital worlds and augmented reality appears not for the first time. But it looks like, that at the moment we, as a species, got close enough, to launch a self-reinforcing synergistic process of technology and metaverse development, where one will contribute to the development of the other.

When it comes to the necessary technologies, this chart is most often given. And at the moment it is most likely, that the creation of the first proto-cases will be possible only for large corporations or associations.

A source: Source:

First of all, to connect to the metaverse, we will need equipment - an example of such a device is now Oculus Quest 2, but in terms of level in the future it can be compared with bulky cell phones of the 80s.. Besides, now you can buy a whole suit Rokoko Smartsuit Pro for motion capture or Teslasuit DK1 (not to be confused with Musk's company) for the ability to perceive in virtual reality all physical influences and feel virtual objects, like real. But technology, that will change everything, there will be neural interfaces.

The main one for the metaverse is the network and hardware infrastructure.. Over the past decades, computing power has increased significantly, but in the future, quantum computers will surely become the basis for the work of the metaverse., and the advent of quantum blockchain will take metauniverses to a new level. Forgive me physicists, but in fact, the analogue of the quantum blockchain as a rough example is our physical universe.. As for artificial intelligence, then it will be involved in the work of the metaverse almost everywhere. Probably, it is within metaspace that the boundary between the human mind and AI will be erased.. About that, what place would AI occupy could write another separate article.

As for the software, now there is also a set of technologies, which will only improve over time. These are tools for creating digital avatars, for example, MetaHuman Creator by Epic Games or Neon by Samsung; and 3D object scanning and Motion Capture technologies; game engines and all sorts of tools for working with graphics like Unity c Unreal Engine to create a virtual space; 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Blender and more. Besides, will require custom 3D editors and interface platforms for content providers.

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To create an economy in the metaverse, there is already a solution - blockchain. NFT tokens can become a tool for confirming ownership of something in the metaworld. For deals, probably, will be used cryptocurrency, and smart contracts will act as a guarantor of that, that each operation is legitimate and will not be altered or deleted.

The main alpha of the future?

"You believe in fate", Neo?

- Not.

- Why?

- Unpleasant to think, that you are being manipulated.

Certainly, one of the first, what comes to mind after studying the issue is a grim picture of impending problems and risks.. Discussing the social and political implications of creating a facility with these characteristics would take and is likely to take terabytes in the future – cybersecurity issues., Privacy policy, corporate power, weakening of states, psychological and existential problems. And that's just on the surface..

Transformation, happening now in the world, will only contribute to the development and implementation of technology - "high tech low life". For the current system, the metaverse could be the way out.. Take, for one matter, the problem of capital expansion.. The metaverse will allow you to create markets in almost unlimited quantities.

The case of combating the pandemic showed, how quickly social behavior can change. Conditions for implementation can arise in a short period of time. It is also worth considering, that the creation of a full-fledged metaverse under certain scenarios can just lead to the emergence of a gloomy world of the future from the books of science fiction writers and film directors.. The lack of opportunity for most residents to receive benefits in the real world will push for care in the virtual world..

But, as is often the case in reality, along with the problems will come and huge opportunities in all areas of human life, some of which the investor could consider in the course of the article. We will be able to fully evaluate the technology only as it develops and penetrates.

As for investment issues, then with a high probability the metaverse will become at least one of the main directions, that will move the market in the next decade, if not her main alpha.

Companies, which will have something to do with the creation and development of the metaverse, with a high degree of probability will have more opportunities for growth compared to the rest.

If the metaverse gets as widespread penetration as the Internet, then the actual absence of you or your business in the metaspace can be a big obstacle to growth., if not a fatal mistake.

But will the metaverse eventually be created and what it all can lead to?, even that one will not know, who will outline all possible options for the development of the event. After all, as one sage said.: "Knowing the path and going through it are not the same thing".

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