The parent company Google for the first time in two years reported worse than expected

Материнская компания Google впервые за два года отчиталась хуже ожиданий

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Материнская компания Google впервые за два года отчиталась хуже ожиданий

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Alphabet reported for the first quarter of 2022 worse than analysts' forecasts. 26 In April, its shares in the post-market fell by 3%, to 2308 $.

Financial results

Here's how the company's key figures changed year-on-year, and here's what analysts expected:

  • revenue - $ 68 billion (+23%), expectations — $68.1 billion;
  • earnings per share - 24,6 $ (−6%), expectations - 25,9 $.

Alphabet's net profit fell due to the revaluation of its own stock portfolio. A year ago, investments in shares of other companies brought Alphabet almost $ 5 billion, but now the loss was about a billion.

At the same time, operating profit, or profit from operating activities, increased by 22%, to $20.1 billion. Operating margin remains the same — 30%.

Alphabet reported worse than expected for the first time in two years, that is, since the beginning of the pandemic. All this time she earned good money., as many advertisers have increased spending on promoting products on the network. Now revenue growth has begun to slow down..

Here's how sales increased in key operating segments.

Google Advertising - YouTube Advertising, Google Search and other services - $ 54.7 billion (+22%). About 13% in this segment is accounted for by ads on YouTube. And here sales grew by only 14% and turned out to be significantly lower than expected.: 6,9 versus $7.5 billion.

The company attributed the poor performance to competition and the high base effect.: a year ago, in quarantine, people spent more time online, including on YouTube. And the departure from Russia also affected. Last year, the country accounted for about 1% of total annual revenue.

Google Other — commissions in Google Play, YouTube Premium subscriptions, Pixel gadgets and more - $6.8 billion (+5%).

Google Cloud — cloud services — 5.8 billion dollars (+44%). This is the most promising business, which still results in an operating loss.. For the year it has not changed much - about a billion dollars.

Other Bets — medical developments, unmanned vehicles and other — $0.4 billion (+122%). In this experimental segment, the loss also remained almost unchanged - about $ 1.2 billion..

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What about stocks

Taking into account the post-market, Alphabet shares have already fallen in price by 20%. Company leaders think, that the papers have already fallen hard enough, and increased the share buyback program to $70 billion.

And in July, Alphabet will hold split shares in the ratio 20:1. After that, the share price will decrease by 20 once, and the number of shares held by holders will increase proportionally, from one to twenty. If crushing was done today, then the price would drop to about 115 $.

Материнская компания Google впервые за два года отчиталась хуже ожиданий

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