Max Gunther — Stock speculator axioms(audiobook)

Макс Гюнтер: Аксиомы биржевого спекулянта


Author: Max Gunther

Year of issue: 2009

Executor: Samoedov E..

Publisher: Peter audio

Audiobook type: audiobook

Audio codec: MP3

Audio bitrate: 192

Description: Stock speculation axioms, also known as «Swiss axioms», — this is a vault of 12 major and 16 subsidiary immutable rules, which should be remembered by any exchange player, in whatever market he works: stock, currency or commodity.

They do not contain descriptions of complex mathematical models or strategies.. Instead, the author examines the market in detail and compellingly honestly through the prism of human behavior.. He reveals to the reader the main motives of traders' behavior.,while calling things by their proper names — excitement, greed, superstition, etc.. Using this knowledge to generate financial profit (or avoid unnecessary losses) — here is the result, which allows us to achieve the observance of the axioms.

The theme of risk and risk management runs through the entire audiobook., because the risk — it is an integral attribute of the stock market. The audiobook can be considered a practical psychology guide for current and future traders., containing, moreover, rational advice and conclusions, helping to take into account the human factor and reconsider their own attitude to exchange risks when forming their trading strategies

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