Omicron Altcoin Course (OMIC) is growing rapidly

Курс альткоина Omicron (OMIC) стремительно растет

As known, more recently, markets have collapsed due to a new kind of COVID-19 called Omicron (OMIC), but, this did not prevent the token with the same name from growing rapidly

Omicron Altcoin Course (OMIC) is growing rapidly

Now 1 OMIC is trading slightly higher $460, showing a daily increase in 137%. Compared to the minimum 17 November increased 735%. but, the Omicron market is very small and over the past day trading volumes have been only about $390 000. The token is traded exclusively on Arbitrum One through SushiSwap.

Omicron token is supported by the asset basket, including USDC tokens. It is a fork of the new OlympusDAO DeFi project, who maintains his token with primitive blockchain bonds. At the moment, more have been deposited in his protocols. $670 000, which promises stucing participants a huge projected annual return in 70 000%.

It should be noted, that it is not the only asset with the name Omicron. There is another asset, но его ticker slightly different – OMC. This asset is not traded on any popular markets. The original Omicron first appeared 31 august 2016 years on bitcointalk as a dividend-bringing currency. The project approved, what attracted 121 BTC, however, after several dividend payments, it ceased to operate..

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