Nvidia quarterly revenue up 1.5x, double net profit

Квартальная выручка Nvidia выросла в полтора раза, чистая прибыль — вдвое

Nvidia quarterly revenue up 1.5x, double net profit

16 февраля компания опубликовала отчет за четвертый квартал 2022 fiscal year, which ended 30 January.


Key figures for Nvidia year-on-year:

  • общая выручка — 7,6 billion dollars (+53%);
  • операционная прибыль — 3 billion dollars (+97%);
  • net profit — 3 billion dollars (+106%).

And here is how sales have changed in the main areas.

Gaming Graphics Cards — 3,4 billion dollars (+37%). Demand for video cards is still high. The company stated: our video cards can mine cryptocurrency, but we are not sure, what exactly is the cause of their deficiency.

Last year, Nvidia limited the mining capabilities of video cards in order to, so that gamers get more of them. For miners, the company has developed separate devices - cryptocurrency mining processor (CMP). Но вот квартальные продажи этих устройств несоразмерно меньше — всего 24 million dollars.

Data Centers — 3,3 billion dollars (+71%). Here, too, demand remains high.. Cloud service providers and other corporations use Nvidia chips in artificial intelligence applications. For example, for speech recognition or recommendations.

Professional visualization — 0,6 billion dollars (+109%). Sales of chips for design and rendering grew up, because many companies have transferred employees to remote work and buy additional workstations.

Auto — 0,1 billion dollars (−14%). Here, sales fell, since the production of cars was reduced due to a shortage of components.

Выручка Nvidia за весь 2022 fiscal year, billion dollars

Gaming Graphics Cards12,5 (+61%)
Data Centers10,6 (+58%)
Professional visualization2,1 (+100%)
Auto0,6 (+6%)
CMP and more1,2 (+84%)
Total26,9 (+61%)

12,5 (+61%)


According to Nvidia, in the first quarter 2023 финансового года выручка год к году вырастет примерно на 40%, to 8,1 billion dollars. Это больше ожиданий аналитиков в 7,3 billion dollars.

Another company said, что в текущем квартале спишет 1,4 billion dollars of operating profit. This is a forfeit, that Nvidia will pay SoftBank for canceling the deal to buy Arm.


Post-market, Nvidia shares fell by 3%, to 258 $. The company traditionally reported better than experts expected, but investors could fix part of the profit.

Since the beginning of the year NVDA shares, like many technology companies, sank on 12% in anticipation of tightening policy FED. IN 2021 году акции выросли на 125%.