Microsoft's quarterly revenue grew by 20%

Microsoft's quarterly revenue grew by 20%

25 января компания Microsoft опубликовала результаты за второй квартал 2022 fiscal year. The report was better than expected, and MSFT shares grew by 1,2%, with 288,5 to 292 $.

Financial results

По сравнению со вторым кварталом 2021 fiscal year:

  • revenue - 51,7 billion dollars (+20%);
  • операционная прибыль — 22,2 billion dollars (+24%);
  • net profit — 18,8 billion dollars (+21%).

And here is how sales grew in each of the operating segments.

Productivity and Business Processes — приложения Office, social network LinkedIn, бизнес-приложения Dynamics — 15,9 billion dollars (+19%).

Intelligent Cloud - Azure cloud service, серверные продукты Windows Server и SQL Server — 18,3 billion dollars (+26%).

More Personal Computing — ОС Windows, video games and Xbox subscriptions, Surface laptops and tablets, реклама — 17,5 billion dollars (+15%).

The fastest growing service is once again the Azure cloud. The company does not disclose income, who brings the cloud, but leads to growth. In the last quarter, Azure's revenue grew by 46%. It's a little less, than in the previous four quarters. Then sales increased by 50%.

Added a good gaming segment: games and subscriptions +10%, Xbox Series consoles - +4%. Всего игровое направление по сравнению с аналогичным кварталом 2020 года выросло на 8%, to 5,4 billion dollars. This 11% of total revenue.

Microsoft continues to develop its gaming segment. IN 2020 году компания объявила о покупке ZeniMax — разработчика и издателя таких игр, like Doom, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Quake и Wolfenstein — за 7,5 billion dollars. Recently, Microsoft also announced the acquisition of a larger game developer - Activision Blizzard.. На сделку компания планирует потратить 68,7 from 125,4 billion dollars, that are on her account.

According to Microsoft, in the current quarter, total revenue will grow by about 17%, to 48,9 billion dollars. Ожидания аналитиков — 48,2 billion dollars.

What about stocks

На фоне распродаж технологических акций бумаги Microsoft с начала 2022 years have fallen by 14,2%. The technology index lost almost as much Nasdaq — 13,5%. Index S&P 500 over the same period fell by 8,6%.