Microsoft's quarterly revenue grew by 18%

Квартальная выручка Microsoft выросла на 18%

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Microsoft has published a report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022, which is over 31 Martha. The results were better than expected, and MSFT shares in the postmarket 26 April grew up on 4,5%, to 282 $.

Financial results

Microsoft's QoQ Results and Analyst Expectations:

  • revenue - 49.4 billion dollars (+18%), expectations — $49 billion;
  • adjusted EPS — 2,22 $ (+14%), expectations - 2,19 $.

And this is the revenue in each of the three operating segments..

Productivity and Business Processes - Office applications, social network LinkedIn, Dynamics Business Applications - $15.8 billion (+17%).

Sales of office applications for corporations grew by 12%, for ordinary users — on 11%. During the quarter, the company raised prices for some subscriptions., and also increased the number of subscribers.

Intelligent Cloud - Azure cloud service, Windows Server and SQL Server - $19.1 billion (+26%).

Sales of Azure cloud services, a key and fast-growing business of the company, grew by 46%. Analysts expected the same.

More Personal Computing - Windows OS, Xbox set-top boxes and subscriptions, Surface laptops and tablets, advertising - $14.5 billion (+15%).

Sales of Windows licenses increased by 11%. This is a good result., since the rush demand for PCs, which began during the pandemic, gradually subsides. Xbox Game Pass game and subscription sales up just 4% due to high base effect. But the demand for the consoles themselves is still high.. Here, sales have added 14%.

According to Microsoft, in the current quarter, the company's total sales will amount to 52.4-53.2 billion dollars. This range includes the analysts' forecast of $53 billion..

Квартальная выручка Microsoft выросла на 18%

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