Tesla's quarterly profit exceeded for the first time 3 billion dollars

Квартальная прибыль Tesla впервые превысила 3 млрд долларов

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Tesla releases first quarter 2022 financial report. The company once again reported record revenue and profit. 20 In April, her shares in the postmarket grew on 5%, to 1026 $.

Financial results

Here's How Tesla's Key Metrics Have Changed From Q1 2021.

Total sales of $18.8 billion (+81%). In the first quarter, Tesla sold 310 thousand electric vehicles (+69%). The company raised the prices of its cars, therefore, revenue from car sales grew even more and amounted to 16.9 billion dollars (+87%).

Sales in the segment "Production and storage of energy" brought 0.6 billion dollars (+25%), in the Services segment — $1.3 billion (+43%).

Total Gross Margin — 29,1% (+7,8 P. P.). Despite global inflation, shortage of components and failures in the operation of plants, Tesla still manages to increase profitability. So, gross margin of auto production for the year increased from 26,5, to 32,9%.

Operating profit - $ 3.6 billion (+507%). Operating profit increased six-fold due to high gross margin. At the same time, operating expenses, e.g. research and personnel, grew slightly - only by 15%.

Net profit after taxes and interest on loans amounted to 3.3 billion dollars (+658%), adjusted — $3.7 billion (+255%).

Operating cash flow - $4 billion (+143%). This is a more important indicator., than "paper" net profit. It does not take into account non-cash items like depreciation and shows, how much money the main business brought in fact. And Tesla is doing well with this too..

Free cash flow - operating flow net of capital expenditures - was $2.2 billion (+660%). Tesla does not pay dividends, and most of the free money she spent on paying off the debt.

Production failures and plans

Same as last quarter, Tesla said: “Due to supply disruptions, our factories have been operating at less than full capacity for several quarters.. Probably, in 2022 the situation will not change”.

At the same time, the company did not abandon its long-term goal: sales growth over several years by an average of 50%. The head of Tesla Elon Musk said, that in 2022 production can increase from 0,9 up to 1.5 million cars.

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Musk also confirmed, that Tesla is working on a "special robotaxi" - an autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals. He said, that a trip by such a car will be cheaper, than by bus or subway. The head of Tesla promised to show a robot taxi in 2023, start mass production 2024.

Квартальная прибыль Tesla впервые превысила 3 млрд долларов

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