BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange launched under the new name WEX

BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange launched under the new name WEX

15 сентября представители закрывшейся криптовалютной биржи BTC-E опубликовали в Twitter-аккаунте компании информацию о возобновлении деятельности под новым названием — WEX.

“We spent a lot of effort and energy, to create a new trading platform as soon as possible. Our site will conduct its activities in accordance with Anti-money laundering and Know your customer laws and world practices in this area ", — отметили представители биржи.

For security reasons, the site will operate in test mode from three to seven working days - during this period, the administration set daily limits for withdrawal of funds.

According to representatives of the exchange, together with the transferred user balances, each client will receive bonus crypto tokens in the calculation 61,7% on 38,2%. Separately, they note, that the new exchange "did not in any way touch or take over the funds of BTC-E Always Efficient LLP".

Besides, the site owners signed agreements with the "network of verified exchange services", to provide clients with the ability to deposit and withdraw fiduciary currencies - dollars, euros and rubles - as with the help of non-cash payment, and in cash.

Биржа возобновила работу на фоне падения стоимости биткоина — 15 September cryptocurrency подешевела на $800 to $3080. The reason was reports of the closure of two cryptocurrency exchanges in China under pressure from local regulators. As of 16 September, the cost of bitcoin is $3760.

BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange closed 25 July 2017 years after, how the FBI seized the company's servers. Also 25 July in Greece on suspicion of money laundering $4 billion through bitcoins was detained by Russian Alexander Vinnik. Агентство Reuters назвало его «”ключевой фигурой”, behind the development of BTC-E ", однако представители биржи не признали его связь сервисом.

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