Cryptostrateg predicts the continuation of the bitcoin bull market in 2022 year

Crypto strategist Benjamin Cowen believes, what in 2021 year Bitcoin will not please its supporters with explosive growth

Криптостратег прогнозирует продолжение бычьего рынка биткоина в 2022 году

In his opinion, bitcoin is in the range of massive re-accumulation. Looking at the big picture, Cowan noted, that throughout the year, bitcoin traded in a wide range from $28 000 to $65 000:

“We started with about $28 000 — $29 000 and that was the start 2021 of the year. What we managed to show so far? Not so much, truth? Will it be possible to show more significant results by the end of the year? maybe, but I'm not sure, what 2021 the year will be the year of a parabolic rally for bitcoin "

Although the distance between the minimum and maximum of the range may seem significant, Cowan noted, that bitcoin holders are unlikely to be delighted with the profit for a little more than 2 times:

Take a look, what happened to bitcoin in 2021 year — nothing special. The profitability was approximately 130% and i'm sure, that the majority of holders won't even get up from the couch for 130% "

Cowan calls 2021 the year of significant accumulation of bitcoin and believes, that the asset will extend its bullish cycle in 2022 year:

“We are back to the top of the range, so there may be some euphoria, how was it from January to March 2021 of the year. There are chances of a sharp jerk, but the data show, that the cycle should last for at least 2022 of the year. Looking back at 2021 year, I find, that for the most part it was a year of long re-accumulation "

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