Cryptostrateg predicts new highs for DOGE and BNB

Crypto Strategist Smart Contracter Expects New Highs For Dogecoin (DOGE) и Binance Coin (BNB)

Cryptostrateg predicts new highs for DOGE and BNB

In his opinion, we should expect a sharp rise in the Dogecoin rate to $1, that is, it is possible to predict a potential increase of more 270% from current levels. According to the trader's chart, DOGE formed a "double bottom" pattern, indicating a possible trend reversal:

“Elon Musk will not give another meme coin an opportunity to bypass his favorite DOGE. I expect the growth of the DOGE rate to $ 1 "

Besides, crypto strategist is closely watching the official asset of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. According to his schedule, BNB managed to break through the "inverted head and shoulders" pattern, what says about the start of an uptrend:

"BNB has made a breakthrough. There is a high probability of updating exchange rate records "

Separately, he allocated a pair of BNB / BTC, bottomed out after the formation of the bullish model "false breaking"" (it points to the inability of sellers to push the rate to a new low). According to the analyst's schedule, the BNB / BTC pair should continue to climb to a new all-time high in 0,014 BTC, that is, to a level of about $860.

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