Cryptanalyst called 3 potentially very profitable cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten noted 3 cryptocurrencies, which may show skyrocketing growth during the altcoin season

Криптоаналитик назвал 3 потенциально очень прибыльных криптовалюты

Cryptanalyst called 3 potentially very profitable cryptocurrencies

He watches the sector closely, which has the most significant potential and, according to Merten, promising first-layer protocols — the best choice for investors in this market.

First on the list is the e-Radix Layer 1 protocol (EXRD), created specifically for the DeFi sector. Asset paired against BTC demonstrates exceptional dynamics:

“Downward Wedge Breakout in Pair Against BTC, trading volumes increased and the rate began to rise. Each time a rollback, support was found at the previous resistance level "

During 30 days EXRD rate grew by almost 500% and almost reached $0,5.

Next comes the blockchain with support for smart contracts, by decentralized voting and self-funded Energi treasury (NRG). According to the analyst, the asset is ready for a breakout after a long hibernation:

“Due to a significant number of fundamental factors, Energi is well positioned to rally and may even start its first major bull rally. I like assets, who have been in the background for a long time "

Within a week, the NRG rate rose 29% and is near $2,28.

And at the bottom of the list is the IOTA open source distributed ledger (SINCE WHEN). Merten thinks, that MIOTA is in a period of long-term accumulation and is ready for a breakout.

Within a week, the MIOTA rate increased by 21% and is above $1,4.

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