Cryptanalyst: Bitcoin price is still on its way to $90 000

Well-known cryptocurrency analyst Mikael Van de Poppe named the main support and resistance levels for the BTC rate and is confident, that the asset is moving to a level $90 000

Cryptanalyst: Bitcoin price is still on its way to $90 000

but, analyst warns, that Bitcoin may undergo a correction in the range between $57 623 And $59 016. Besides, for further growth, bitcoin needs to restore the resistance level $67,994,58.

According to the analyst, to the beginning 2022 BTC rate should jump to $74 770,75 and the asset will remain in an uptrend until reaching a mark of $92 217.

The cryptocurrency industry has undergone important changes since reaching the level $2,5 Trillion. Bitcoin should drive the market and re-test the bottom quickly, before starting a new round of growth. Furthermore, increasing interest in the asset could further push the exchange rate growth during the rest of the quarter.

Previously, the upward movement of bitcoin was closely associated with the growth of user activity on the network.. Now, when there is a record surge in activity on the bitcoin network, BTC can be expected to grow rapidly to new heights.

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