Container crisis : the big problem of world trade ( Video)

Container crisis : the big problem of world trade ( Video)

Goods are becoming more expensive all over the world due to the container crisis - you can be sure, just by going to the store. And no, the crisis caused not run aground "Ever Given"


What do you mean "missing containers"? Where did they go?

The short answer is they stand idle in America. It happened like this.:


In the spring, when China's epidemic escalated into a global pandemic, in the USA, due to quarantine, the processing of arriving goods actually stopped. Demand for imported goods remained, and there was no real opportunity to receive millions of containers. China, against, quickly restored production and exports. As a result, cargoes were sent from Asia to America for several months., but the containers were not returned back. Already in August, an acute shortage of sea containers began in China.

In America, where the epidemic and quarantine continued, containers with and without goods were simply stored near the largest ports. As a result, millions of boxes have accumulated there.. Of each 100 Containers, sailed to America from Asia, only returned back 40.

The deficit led to an increase in prices for the transportation of goods from Asia - their delivery by containers from China to the United States more than doubled in price and set an all-time record.

This has already led to an increase in the prices of goods around the world.. First of all, this affected inexpensive Asian goods., transported in containers: textiles and many food. Electronics and other complex goods almost did not rise in price, in the cost of which the share of transportation is small; naturally, the shortage of containers did not directly affect the prices of fuel and grain (it is mainly transported "in bulk").

China, to deal with the deficit, tried to increase container production (he is just their main producer in the world). However, this has not helped yet.: new containers due to increased demand have risen so much, that their rent has become unaffordable for many customers.

Then China began to pay additional shipping companies for the transportation of empty containers from America.. This, too, has not yet solved the deficit problem., but has already led to the spread of the crisis throughout the world. Now no one is interested in, to transport goods from America, it is easier to make money on the delivery of empty containers to China.

The difference in the cost of transportation from Asia and back also plays a role.: transporting exported Chinese goods is so beneficial compared to transporting imports to China (the difference reaches six times), that carriers just don't want to wait, when in America or in other places the goods are loaded into boxes; they get the maximum profit, only if the containers are returned to China as quickly as possible. Because of this, the export of agricultural products from the USA and Canada could not recover. (for example, soybeans and peas), who passed the peak of the epidemic and were ready to resume production in pre-crisis volumes.

IN 2021 the year the crisis spread throughout the world. There are not enough containers in Europe, nor in Latin America. Global delays in the delivery of goods began. Shippers complain, that there are new levies from carriers - they require you to pay insurance in case of delay of containers and their non-return to China.


And what does it threaten? Everything will rise in price?

Food has already risen in price. But this, seem to be, just the beginning of a period of high inflation. Supply disruptions spread to all new markets. Last week Brazilian company Suzano was the largest pulp producer, cellulosic raw materials for toilet paper, - reported, that there is a global shortage of this product. Due to the unprofitable supply, almost no other goods are shipped in many regions.: cellulosic raw materials in Brazil, robusta coffee in Vietnam, rice in thailand, sugar in india. Closing textile factories in Indochina, who worked with low profit margins. Decreased deliveries to the USA and Europe and other goods (Sports Equipment, leather products, tools, etc.. d.).


The container crisis cannot be overcome quickly, experts say. Free crates and goods, which need to be loaded into them, will not be able to combine for many more months. Поэтому цены на контейнерные морские перевозки будут рекордно высокими по крайней мере до конца года.


At the same time, problems with cargo transportation coincided with other phenomena., caused by the epidemic; they all lead to higher inflation rates around the world. If in the first months of the coronacrisis, the rise in prices was held back by the widespread fall in demand, now inflation is accelerated by multimillion-dollar programs of assistance to the population and the economy in the United States, EU and developing countries.


The resulting economic crisis, epidemic-induced, won't end completely even then, when will it be possible to cope with the epidemic itself with the help of vaccinations.


Let's start filling it out with something that you never thought of all world trade takes place in the ocean if for sure 90 percent of the goods of your consumption are marine furniture clothing sneakers bananas rice electronics animals yes almost everything is transported in this thing 20 feet in a metal container that holds 22 tons of cargo all world trade depends on how soon a crew of twenty people brings a ship with 19 And 20 or even with twenty-four thousand containers from one country to another, just look at how sea voyages have entangled the entire globe and turned into the circulatory system of the global economy in one year, traffic is 800 11 million 20 foot boxes, that is, tens of millions of containers dart from country to country in total 811 millions of times around the world are up to 180 millions of steel boxes themselves which suddenly became fiercely lacking where did these ill-fated boxes go, how will this affect the prices in the store, what does China have to do with China again and why people will not solve this problem at all soon [music] [music] this release crisis that occurs behind your back and has a direct impact on your life but there is one way to protect yourself from rising prices have a modern and demanded job as a programmer you all this time doubted and did not know how to approach welcome to the free intensive how to start your path in development from the educational platform geekbrains in two hours you will try yourself in nge code and find out if the profession of a programmer is right for you and even write an intensive program in a simple java script program from scratch by teachers, developers with more experience 10 years if this topic hooks you and you decide to study further geekbrains will give a discount on education and will help you find a job, they even prescribe their training in the contract, you will definitely pay off when you get into a cool company, but this is step number 10 now you need to follow the link in the description to register for the intensive and be ready to change your life the balance around this concept unfolds our story the stable functioning of any system depends on the strength of the connection between the elements and the accepted distribution of resources if somewhere there is an imbalance the system starts to shake and this imbalance has arisen because of the pandemic, more precisely, it is specific for her and for the lock down clarification of the pledge of down due to the fact that Sarah corrected himself faster than all this Kiev in order to continue delving into this madness, we need to remember one thing when at the beginning 2020 the virus began to spread in china quickly all regions closed the hospital erected dissenting people to quarantine dragged through the streets with an antiseptic walked in the end by the spring of the same year china didn’t feel bad left the house on the street lifted his head up deeply took a deep breath and I want a crisis what kind of crisis only in while China sorted out the virus at home, other countries began to enter hard lock down, and as you remember, the countries in world trade are buyers and sellers where [ __ ] containers on even now we are already approaching this point, on the one hand, we have china ready to sell, and on the other hand, america and europe transferring everyone to a remote location people are stuck in their homes their consumption began to dramatically change travel costs and restaurants, for obvious reasons, rushed to At this time, the cost of electronics went up, furniture for the home, home exercise equipment, and of course, for the wrong zero mask and gloves, the balance of consumption changed and where most of these goods are produced in China, while I was writing this issue of interest, I looked at my devices phone speakers microphone monitor router everything from there and that's where it all started vigorous china by spring 20 gladly began to work for export millions of containers stuffed with vegetables and sauce and furniture and electronics went from Asian ports to America and Europe to meet with their end consumer and there would be no sensation if it were not for one but the container and leave China but back do not return many countries even now are in restrictions and then in the middle 2020 there was a total freeze of the economy, and since people do not go to work, production does not create a product, they do not work for export, and the seaports are seriously slowed down due to lack of manpower, it means that the container is not sent back to Asia, that is, in a normal situation, this is a box with five thousand dinosaurs is sent to America and emitted and taken to the warehouse, then the seller from America fits a new box with 20 tons of salt and sends it to Asia, so the containers are driven back and forth provides 90 percent of all world trade so it was until the balance was present, but now the boxes are not returning back, they are simply stored and waiting in the wings in the art of Europe and America, from ten containers they returned back to Asia 4 less than half, which means that goods from Asia of the world's main exporter have simply had nowhere else to pack in this video we said that china is returning to normal life and other countries are not roughly speaking china is already ready to sell abroad but here to buy are still struggling with the effects of coronavirus but we did not even suspect that selling a bunch of goods to other countries in August 20 the messengers of the collapse of containers began to appear stupidly missed, as a result, what occurs when there is a shortage, the price for the transportation of one box has already exceeded in August 2 thousands of bucks to understand that this is trash look at this schedule before the crisis a normal story if the price is in the region of one and a half thousand dollars new plus minus 300 and here there are already two pieces, and as you understand, it was only the flowers of the berries that rose in the fall-winter and spread to our 21 a year now, the price for transportation is being stormed to the mark in 5 and a half thousand dollars, that is, the cost of transportation increased almost four times compared to pre-panda mine time, but they looked at Yandex on average in the world to assess the full scale of trash, it is better to look at specific flights and are ready to transfer one container from Shanghai to Rotterdam will cost 8 400 dollars but back to 7000 less six times difference another example from asia go somewhere shanghai los angeles 5 200 and los angeles shanghai 600 the difference is almost 9 since these are record figures in the entire history of sea cargo transportation, moreover, these records have been updated every month for a year now, and now imagine yourself in the place of the carrier, then you are lucky 20 thousands of containers from shanghai to los angeles your journey takes 12 days 4 days for unloading for each container you received 5 200 and now you have to wait four more days to make the return flight for the price of 9 times lower than here and this is provided that the container ship is packed quickly and all the cargo is already in the port, but as we have already said, due to the fact that America and Europe are still recovering from the crisis to being vaccinated with export there is not much more than that all this time there was there is still a problem with the labor force in the ports all because of the same restriction there are fewer workers dog loaders drivers crane operators working terminal of highway adjusters all these factors lead to the fact that the carrier thinks they generally wait until you dispose of it completely complete my ship the sooner I return to asia, the faster I will make money on a flight to america several of our main clients report that every ship coming from behind and is loaded to capacity, but due to the tight schedule and the need to return, they cannot wait for the empty containers to be fully loaded and leave them in the port somewhere 58 percent of boxes, that is, not only is the balance of container turnover due to the lack of exports from the USA to Europe, so also because of high rates, carriers can afford to dump their own early to Asia to earn money sometimes the carrier does not book places for delivery even if you are ready to pay twice and sometimes it's just an endless wait until you run out of patience and ask how much you want by the way so that we can release through our telegram channel for asking for help from real experts so that you understand in what hell the sphere of cargo transportation is, I just put these screenshots from anthona m, by the way, it shows well the level of interdependence of the global economy, well, the crisis happened in sea transportation, but commercial air transportation also decided to make good money, you can press pause and read these magnificent opuses so we have a picture wherever 4 containers of ten return back apart los angeles is for a second the largest port in the usa and 17 in the world on container shipments, it reports about such figures for every three and a half imported containers, only one with export cargo leaves back, while the balance is not only imbalanced not only in the fact that Europe and the United States are shitty in exports and Asia trades at normal levels; no, the situation is aggravated by the fact that Asia delivers insane volumes exceeding before the pandemic this is an increase in marchuk to create the sea and volunteered without a match and on the path of the tangerine new paths if chaos with a shortage of containers skyrocketed the transportation prices of the fierce trade imbalance of Asia and Europe, the scene already known to you appears with the main actor carrying a ship 20 thousands of containers of his giva which 23 March on a flight from Malaysia to Holland, passing through the Suez Canal, runs aground due to a sandstorm, blocking the path in one of the most important trade routes in the world, the Soviet canal, like many narrow necks in sea traffic, are very important well, very much, for example, passes through the Suez about 12 percent of all world trade and 30 percent in general of all containers through this distance in 120 miles a day sails oh sorry, more than fifty ships pass and somewhere from three to nine billion dollars of goods [music] days of the iPod for language lovers, as you understand, the Suez Canal is used in the already known route from Asia to Europe, and such a gimp turned out to be the cherry on the cake in the history of the rise in prices for transportation to Europe and America, the main question is what to do with this Well, at first the obvious answer is what is needed to sharply revive the economies of America and Europe, remove restrictions, return all jobs, overcome pandemics and restore the balance of world trade, but unfortunately there is no magic wand for this; at one point, China came up with an interesting thing to pay extra for the carrier to return empty containers, this somehow slowed down the deterioration of the deficit situation containers in Asia, by the way, if someone was waiting for specific figures, then from the main port of America about the same amount is exported as at the dawn of look down a pandemic, while they are imported a little more than in 2 times, and there is a fourfold difference between export and import and you also see that three empty containers are sent for each export container and someone from China has to pay extra for the return, too, it affected reality, the carrier is more interesting to take ready empty containers than to wait for the loading of goods, then you can assume just riveting new boxes are still just welded sheets of steel and guess in which country the container is produced 85 percent of the market is occupied by China and manufacturers are well aware of the shortage conditions, therefore, they raised prices for new boxes by more than half 2 in addition, they are not in a hurry to increase production here, even the United States has begun to investigate whether Chinese manufacturers are deliberately holding back production, thus maintaining high prices and making a huge profit in the same case, container manufacturers, leasing companies and carriers, skim the price of all these operations to Heaven and the costs will be paid as usual by the end customer and you of course were waiting for a little more detailed information on which goods this will affect primarily on simple household items and food where there is a large share of transportation in the final price, that is, some complex electronics will be slightly affected because that there are fucking small ones and the peak costs hundreds of bucks, well, you can see it in January 21 exported half as many coffee beans rice shipments fell at the same level india the world's number two sugar supplier exported 70000 metric tons in January, which is even less 1 5 from the volume a year earlier, think about five times less this gimp and even encroached on the sacred on toilet paper, the largest producer of raw materials for jerks and began to force that a global shortage is coming and of course all this [ __ ] touched and Russia, do you remember at the beginning of the year you talked about the deficit of sugar and sunflower oil, that's where the price has risen by half and by a quarter relative to November 19 True, then the reasons were not attributed to crop yields, but also to the rise in world prices in which the container crisis certainly contributed, we are glad that the devaluation of the ruble was generally imposed on all sides and the most surprising thing is that no one knows when the world economy will regain balance at first they said that the ruin of the face from here straight for several weeks back in the twentieth then in 2021 now they say what it is [ __ ] will turn into 22 before even in 23 in other words, such a nuisance with us for a long time, as if we had few others today, the world is simply off scale with its level of interdependence. people go much more popular term implementation, we raised this topic in this video the feeling that the world is not going to stop along with technological progress, viruses mutate madly, which affects the economy, everyone adapts how doctors can invent vaccines even there are stuffing about drugs ports are trying to speed up their work the Russian authorities are trying to contain prices by administrative measures and blame for everything on the greed of retailers and the topic of interdependence of state economies so deeply that we hardly even touched the tip of the iceberg with this issue, well, keep our finger on the pulse, friends, if you liked this issue and would like to hear about the semiconductor crisis, then you know where to write and now the time to convey gratitude will be supported by arom on the tuba and on the patreon to all the gopniks by the hero consul, the supreme master and the Illuminati of our order to Birshtein, this does not fill 228 see you at the next meeting [music] [music]

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