Baidu Company: what to expect in 2023 year?


Baidu – one of the largest technology companies in China and the world, which develops a search engine, artificial intelligence, cloud services, robotics and electric vehicles. IN 2023 the company plans to launch several ambitious projects, that may affect its financial performance and reputation in the market. In this article we will talk about the most significant events, who expect Baidu in the new year.

Robotic electric cars Jidu Auto

One of the most anticipated projects of Baidu is the launch of mass production of robotic electric cars under the Jidu Auto brand.. It is a subsidiary of Baidu, which was created in April 2021 of the year in partnership with the automotive concern Geely. Jidu Auto positions itself as “next generation automotive company”, which combines the advanced technology of unmanned driving, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Jidu Auto's first robotic electric car prototype due in March 2022 of the year at the Shanghai Auto Show. Serial production is scheduled for 2023 a year at the Geely Chongqing factory. According to Baidu CEO Robin Li, robotic electric car will have doors that open up, transparent glass roof and a large screen to control vehicle functions. There will be no steering wheel and pedals in the cabin, and all commands will be transmitted through the voice interface or gestures.

Jidu Auto Robotic Electric Car Will Be Equipped With Baidu's Apollo Self-driving Driving System, which is one of the leaders in terms of the number of test kilometers on the roads of China. Besides, the car will be connected to the Baidu Cloud platform and use the company's artificial intelligence services to personalize the user experience.

According to UBS analysts, the market value of Jidu Auto can reach $20-30 billion dollars in a successful product launch. Expected, that the company will compete not only with traditional automakers, but also with other Chinese electric car startups, like Nio or Xpeng.

  Current market position

IN 2023 year, the company demonstrated a number of significant achievements and innovations, which we want to tell in this article.

– In February 2023 Baidu published its financial report for 2022 year, showing growth in revenue 0,69% to 123,7 billion yuan ($18 billion) and arrived at 13% to 7,6 billion yuan ($1,1 billion). The company also announced a dividend payout of $0,52 per share. Baidu shares jumped by 4,5% after the publication of the report .
– In March 2023 года Baidu запустила свой ответ на ChatGPT – a new platform for creating conversational systems based on neural networks called ERNIE (Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration). The platform allows developers to create more natural and intelligent dialogues for various scenarios., such as customer service, e-commerce or social networks. According to Baidu, ERNIE outperforms ChatGPT in text generation quality and speed .
– In April 2023 Baidu received a strategic investment from the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group in the amount of $500 million. The parties announced cooperation in the field of cloud computing and big data, as well as the creation of a joint research center for the development of new technologies for the Internet of things .
– In May 2023 Baidu unveiled its first autonomous electric vehicle under the Apollo brand. The car is equipped with advanced control systems, navigation and security based on artificial intelligence Baidu. The company plans to start selling cars at the end 2023 years in China and other countries .
– In August 2023 Baidu announced a strategic investment in Shanghai-based RISC-V chip technology company StarFive in the amount of $100 million. The company stated, that will work with StarFive to implement RISC-V based products in their data centers. RISC-V – it is an open chip technology, considered less vulnerable to US sanctions .

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What to expect in 2023 year?

Baidu's shares have risen significantly this year on improved financial performance, expanding product portfolio and increasing market share. According to Forbes, Baidu ranks 420th in the Global list 2000 (2022) and has a market capitalization of about 52 billion dollars. IN 2022 year, the company's income was 19,3 billion dollars, and net profit – 1,6 billion dollars.

One of the key reasons to buy Baidu shares is its leadership in artificial intelligence. (TO THE) in China. The company is investing heavily in the development of an AI platform called Baidu Brain, which allows you to create innovative solutions for various industries and scenarios. For example, Baidu uses AI to drive autonomous cars, face recognition, DuerOS voice assistant and language translation.

Another reason to buy Baidu shares is its competitive advantage in the online video market.. The company owns the popular video service iQiyi, who has more 100 million paying subscribers and offers original content, like serials, movies and shows. iQiyi also uses AI to analyze user preferences, optimize recommendations and improve quality video.

Besides, Baidu continues to strengthen its position in China's search and online advertising market. The company updates its Baidu App with new features, such as news feeds (Baidu Feed), short videos (Haokan) and mini-programs (Quanmin). It helps to attract more users and advertisers to your platform. According to, Baidu receives positive feedback from its customers for the effectiveness of its products..

In conclusion, one can say, what Baidu – it is a company with high growth potential in the future due to its leadership in the field of AI

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