Trading results in November: investors bought Alibaba and forgot about Virgin Galactic

Итоги торгов в ноябре: инвесторы купили Alibaba и забыли про Virgin Galactic

SPb-Exchange summed up the results of trading in shares in November. It seems, investors took advantage of the drawdown of Alibaba shares and increased their share in their portfolios. But the fallen shares of Virgin Galactic do not want to buy.

Tesla, Nvidia and Moderna are the most popular

In November, investors traded in securities of 1,661 issuers. Tesla shares lead by volume for the second month in a row, they had 12,59% of the total. Here are some other papers included in the top ten most popular.

Nvidia — 4,57%. 18 November chip developer reported better than expected. Total quarterly revenue increased by 50%, sales of video cards - on 42%, sales of processors for data centers - on 55%. In November, NVDA shares rose by 28%.

3 December it turned out, that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Nvidia. The regulator blocked the purchase of ARM - another chip developer. According to the commission, this will lead to a big advantage for Nvidia over competitors and monopoly.

Modern - 3,93%. 4 November COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer Reports Quarterly Revenue Below Expectations. The company also changed its forecast for vaccine sales in 2021 from 20 up to 15-18 billion dollars. Moderna postponed part of sales until early next year due to supply chain disruptions.

26 November, when WHO convened an urgent meeting, the markets have learned about the new omicron strain. WHO calls the risk of spreading the strain high, and major stock indices began to fall. One of the few growing companies was Moderna, which promised to develop a vaccine against omicron by early next year. In November, MRNA shares rose by 2%.

Alibaba — 2,44%. Problems with regulators, who have been following the company for a year, added corporate. 18 November, the retailer reported worse than expected. Total quarterly revenue increased by 29%, but the main income from the platforms Taobao and Tmall grew by only 3%. Alibaba explained this result by the growing competition in the online trading market.. The company changed its forecast for sales growth for the current fiscal year from 30 up to 20-23%. In November, BABA shares fell by 23%.

3 December, Chinese carrier DiDi announced its departure from the New York stock exchange. Chinese authorities worried about possible leak of customer data and put pressure on the company since the IPO. And the US regulators have amended the law and will now more closely monitor the accounting statements of foreign issuers.. On such news, shares of Alibaba and other Chinese companies continued to fall. Alibaba shares still hold the largest share in investor portfolios.

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Leaders in trading volume

Tesla 12,59%
Nvidia 4,57%
Modern 3,93%
Alibaba 2,44%
Amazon 1,71%
Meta 1,64%
Apple 1,53%
VipShop 1,45%
AMD 1,40%
PayPal 1,36%


Take the largest share in investor portfolios

Alibaba 5,91%
Apple 3,22%
Tesla 2,97%
Virgin Galactic 2,45%
Freedom 2,18%
Meta 2,00%
Microsoft 1,91%
Amazon 1,79%
Boeing 1,68%
Baidu 1,68%


Investors bet on Alibaba

Alibaba shares the largest share in portfolios for many months, although the share price has been falling for over a year. Stocks began to decline rapidly in July, when the Chinese authorities tightened control over their companies. Alibaba's share in portfolios fell along with shares, from 6,12% in June to 5,35% in August. By the end of November, securities fell even more., but now their share in portfolios has grown to 5,91%.

Итоги торгов в ноябре: инвесторы купили Alibaba и забыли про Virgin Galactic

Но не на Virgin Galactic

June and July are hot times for Virgin Galactic stocks, which then accounted for 25% of the total trading volume. From mid-May to the end of June, securities rose by 250% on the news of new flights. The share of stocks in portfolios also increased.

But in the second half of July, stocks began to fall. Virgin Galactic issues additional shares after flight with founder Richard Branson, and later postponed all tests until the second half of 2022. By the end of November, securities have fallen in price, and their share in portfolios fell from 4,87% in May to 2,45%. Investor interest in trading the company's shares also diminished. Virgin Galactic did not make the top 10 by trading volume in November for the first time in months.

Итоги торгов в ноябре: инвесторы купили Alibaba и забыли про Virgin Galactic

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