Results of Kriptorynok 2018 year : the most important events of the year

Results of Kriptorynok 2018 year : the most important events of the year

2018 year was a difficult market kriptovalyutnogo. cost records, sharp correction, Temporary stabilization of the market – All this makes both critics, and adherents cryptocurrency watch with interest what is happening. Что важного произошло на рынке в 2018?

Banks against cryptocurrency

Already at the beginning 2018 , the traditional financial institutions have begun to limit the ability of market participants. Many banks from various countries began to refuse service kriptovalyutnyh company accounts. In addition, Visa payment system has ceased to serve large European companies kriptovalyutnye. Ordinary customers of many banks have lost the opportunity to buy digital assets by means of payment cards. Such a prohibition introduced largest banks of US, UK, Canada and Australia.

In April, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) запретил подконтрольным учреждениям предоставлять частным лицам и компаниям услуги, related to digital currencies. In this regard, the Indian kriptovalyutnye exchanges were forced to stop Fiat-kriptovalyutnuyu trade. In late September, the Indian marketplace does Zebpay announced the closing of the exchange of digital asset service. Similar restrictions also imposed Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, but later it was canceled by the Supreme Court.

Such actions on the part of financial giants say, they began to see in kriptovalyutnyh companies potentially dangerous competitor, able to press them at the global level. So, for example, Bank of America this year for the first time introduced in the list of economic cryptocurrency, geopolitical and operational risks, угрожающих банку.

The output of financial conglomerates in the market kriptovalyutny

In parallel, we observe, as the largest banks are moving into the market cryptocurrency. Goldman Sachs, ING, Barklays and HSBC are starting to work with the largest kriptovalyutnymi exchanges and implement their projects and. Below is just a sampling of.

So, for example, February start-Circle (the main investor is a bank Goldman Sachs), приобрел одну из ведущих криптовалютных бирж Poloniex. Official representatives of organizations amount of the transaction were not disclosed, but the editor of Fortune Robert Hackett told, that the company paid for the purchase of $400 million. Goldman Sachs in its time invested in the Circle $136 million.

In May, it was reported, что совет директоров Goldman Sachs одобрил инициативу по созданию сервиса по торговле биткоин-фьючерсами. The company is also developing a platform for trading OTC-derivatives Bitcoin. In addition, Bank is considering launching custodial services, focused on large funds.

The largest financial conglomerate in Japan and the fifth-largest bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) in September launched a test cryptocurrency Mufg coin among the staff of the division in Tokyo. Plans to introduce cryptocurrency in its payment system Bank announced in March this year, and a month later announced, that will start in 2019 by large-scale testing Mufg coin, in which he will draw already 100 thousands of its customers.

SBI Holdings together with Ripple has developed a mobile payment application MoneyTap, focused on the consumer segment. The app allows for inter-bank payments in real-time using technology xCurrent, which is not involved token XRP. MoneyTap already started to be used for domestic payments, several Japanese banks: SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Suruga Bank и Resona Bank. In July, the company announced a full featured Exchange kriptovalyutnoy VCTRADE.

Opposition from Internet companies

Another limitation, We faced in cryptocurrency 2018 year - ban on advertising kriptovalyutnyh projects such major Internet giants, as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Yandex, Baidu, Weibo, Bing. Chinese messenger WeChat blocked media accounts, Related blokcheynom and cryptocurrency. Shopping Mobile Chrome Web Store and the App Store applications banned for mining applications cryptocurrency.

On the one hand, lock can be explained by the fact, that blokcheyn cryptocurrency and pose a threat to Internet corporations, Since the proposed alternative, decentralized solutions and new forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with the users on the basis of tokens. However, it is quite possible, that the main reason - to restrict the activities of companies in the kriptovalyutnyh, where registered corporation.

However, in June, Facebook announced a review of a complete ban on advertising cryptocurrency. А в конце сентября Google сообщила, that will allow the exchange of advertising services cryptocurrency in Japan and the US.

Integration with Internet companies

Meanwhile, other Internet companies seeking to integrate new technologies.

В последнюю версию браузера Opera для Android был встроен криптовалютный кошелек. Later Opera decided to launch a desktop version of the crypto-purse. While the app supports only Ethereum, ERC20-tokens and collectable items in ERC271-format tokens, but in the future, the developers plan to add support for new cryptocurrency. It is noteworthy, that according to reports in the media, in July, the leading manufacturer of equipment for mining Bitcoins Bitmain purchased during IPO 3% Opera Ltd shares for $50 million.

Competitor Opera, kriptovalyutny web browser Brave, in May, it has been downloaded over 5 million times from the store of mobile applications Google Play, all through 6 months after the threshold crossing in 1 million downloads. Brave was created by co-founder of Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eychem.

Компания Yahoo в августе добавила возможность торговли биткоином, Ethereum and Litecoin on the popular among traders and other representatives of the financial world Yahoo Finance site.

В июне американский технологический гигант Microsoft приобрел известный веб-сервис для хостинга IT-проектов и их совместной разработки GitHub. The deal amounted to $7,5 billion.

А в июле блокчейн-платформа TRON приобрела компанию BitTorrent. Integration support TRON protocol BitTorrent service, and the use of TRX tokens for sale of special services and additional options, включая увеличенную скорость загрузки.

Kriptovalyutnye ETF

One of the most remarkable fact in the summer there was a question, whether to allow the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) kriptovalyutnye exchange-traded funds (ETF). Waiting ETF in the US compared with the expectation of the launch of futures on the CBOE and CME in 2017 year.

In January, SEC has expressed serious doubts about the liquidity and price volatility cryptocurrency and related products, and has asked the company, filed an application for ETF, withdraw their. However, due to the fact, since the beginning of the year there was a stabilization of the market, April there were reports of new applications. Since that time, the application filed: ProShares, Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, VanEck и SolidX, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), GraniteShares, Biwise, Direxion. A number of companies managed to deny SEC, but later promised to reconsider its decision, with the exception of the application of the brothers Winklevoss Twins, deflected again after 2017 year.

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While the regulator suffers a decision on the request and calls to take part in the discussion of this issue. The view was expressed kriptosoobschestve, that decision will be postponed as long as possible - before the 2019 year. In addition, Many expressed the view, exchange-traded funds that have a negative impact on the market kriptovalyutnom.

Meanwhile, in August, as an alternative to the stock exchange Nasdaq Stockholm был запущен другой похожий финансовый инструмент – exchange notes (ETN) of bitkoin, developed by the Swedish company XBT Provider AB.

formation of the legislation

expected, what 2018 It will be the year, when countries identify the regulation kriptovalyutnoy industry and create appropriate legislation. Do, in many countries on all continents are actively being discussed this issue, prepare bills. Some countries aim to limit the development of the sector at, due to the difficulties in combating the use of cryptocurrency money laundering and control of digital assets as a whole against the background of the active growth of the market kriptovalyutnogo. Other countries on the other hand tend to involve representatives of the industry and promote its development, Seeing this as an opportunity for its growth.

A striking example of the latter is Malta. 4 июля парламент страны принял три законопроекта, regulatory and industry cryptocurrency blokcheyna, namely: "The law on digital innovation", "Act of innovative technologies, arrangements and services "and the" Act on the virtual financial assets ". Thus Malta was the first jurisdiction in the world, submitting a legal framework for a distributed application registry Technology.

Earlier, 27 Feb, The German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) signed a decree on recognition of Bitcoin legal tender, equating it to the traditional fiatnym currencies and exempt from taxation. Conversion fiatnyh currencies Bitcoin is not taxed. BMF also does not intend to regulate the industry mayningovuyu. Thus, Germany has become one of the first European countries, undecided with regulation.

regulatory discussions throughout the year are also held at the international level and the level of international organizations, in particular at the level of the "Big Twenty" (G20). High expectations were placed on the G20 summit in July in Buenos Aires. It was assumed, that will be offered specific recommendations for cryptocurrency Regulation. But the idea of ​​standards the application of rules to combat money laundering (AML) against cryptocurrency were delayed until October. If they are presented, it will play an important role in shaping the legislation and regulation of the industry of individual countries kriptovalyutnoy.

Attracting institutional investors

In 2018 We were talking about entering the market of institutional players. Согласно результатам опросафранцузской консалтинговой компании Capgemini, almost half of the owners of large private equity (from $1 million) interested in investing kriptovalyutnyh: 29% Millionaires have shown a high degree of interest, and 27% - moderate interest. А опрос консалтинговой фирмы DeVere Group показал, that more than a third of capital owners want to have in your portfolio cryptocurrency.

Many companies began to offer a wide range of products, oriented institutional investors. Various companies began to offer custody services for cryptocurrency. Among them Nomura, Coinbase, BitGo, VersaBank. Also, a variety of services to big capital to work on the market offer kriptovalyutnom Coinbase, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Caspian, Huobi, Nasdaq, Ernst & Young, Bitfinex, Crypto Fund AG (a subsidiary of Swiss Crypto Finance Group), LMAX Exchange Group, and many others.

The development of OTC-market

Since many institutional often interested in buying / selling large volume cryptocurrency, it's hard to perform in conventional trading and exchange platforms, in an open set kriptovalyutnyh OTC-like platforms kriptovalyutnymi companies was announced during the year, as well as companies from the traditional financial market. In particular, BCB Group, OTCQX, Gemini, Jump Trading, Kraken, Blockchain, eToro.

But the OTC-market also attracts other players. Many miners prefer to sell the extracted cryptocurrency out exchanges. for startups, ICO finished, it is also a convenient way to sell the collected cryptocurrency to Fiat for its project.

According to the report of the international research firm TABB Group, OTC (OTS) Bitcoin market, at least in 2-3 times larger in volume, than stock. Given, that the stock market handles about Bitcoin $4 billion a day, the OTC, According to calculations TABB, It handles more $12 billion per day on a regular basis. In this case, analysts believe, that is not visible in these transactions blokcheyne, because they do not move themselves bitcoins, and private keys from purses.

Major ICO. The growth of alternative ways of raising capital

Despite the fall in prices and a reduction in cryptocurrency market capitalization, in 2018 year is already spent more than ICO, than in the previous: 741 against 514, according to researchers ICOBox at the beginning of October. And funds raised nearly 3 times more: $18,16 billion vs $6,89 billion.

The most notorious was the ICO messenger Telegram, gathered at a private round $1,7 billion and abandon the public stage. The founder Pavel Durov messenger found, that the collected funds are sufficient and necessary to open to the general public do not have a campaign. Although earlier media reported, that the project was going to collect $3-5 billion.

ICO Telegram можно считать крупнейшим в этом году, если не учитывать ICO EOS, which began in June 2017 year and lasted for one year. During this time, EOS collected $4,2 billion. It is not only the most successful dues in 2018 year, but also in the history of the initial issuance of coins.

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However, of course, ICO losing popularity. According to a study group Diar, 70% ICO tokens are worth less today, than during the sales. Moreover, Most tokens dropped in price by more than 90% from their peak. In believed Diar, it contributed to the growth in attracting blokcheyn- and kriptovalyutnye startups venture capital. Only the first three quarters 2018 year venture capital investments amounted to $3,9 billion, that 280% more than in all 2017 year. Moreover, the number of investment transactions for the incomplete 2018 year almost doubled.

In addition, some companies began to offer alternative forms of attracting investment in the light of, that many organizers ICO showed bad faith or at all were rogues. So, We are talking about the primary offer security-token (Security Token Offering — STO) as a safer way to raise funds. Although potentially STO can deduce the whole blokcheyn industry to the level of the global stock market, while it is not widespread, and known only to the only cases. Among them: Good Money, Spin, Overstock tZERO.

Exit kriptovalyutnyh companies to IPO

Given the above, and despite the fact, that the ICO – a simple and quick way of attracting investments for startups, Many companies in kriptovalyutnye 2018 year decided to turn to the traditional methods and talking, an IPO. Probably, another reason is that, IPO that ensures a high level of investment, so, more attracted large capital. But while for 2018 year, only one participant kriptovalyutnogo market managed to hold IPO, others only submitted applications or informed about such plans. Primarily distinguished company, associated with mining cryptocurrency.

In early August, the British passed IPO mayningovoy company Argo Mining PLC, which offers its users the ability to remotely of mining cryptocurrency. The company managed to raise £ 25 million (about $32,5 million).

In late September, the largest mayningovaya Bitmain company filed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) the Listing application for an initial public offering (IPO). Listing will be held either in the last quarter of this year,, or in the first quarter 2019.

The plans an IPO and said other companies. So, In September it was reported mobile application developers to kriptotreydinga Robinhood. This despite the fact, that in May, the company's capitalization reached $5,6 billion after financing Round D.

The Canadian public company GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. подписала меморандум о намерениях с криптовалютной биржей EXMO, which gives it exclusive rights to negotiate the purchase of the last over 180 days. If the deal goes through, the combined company will continue to conduct business under the brand EXMO and will be listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE).

For kriptorynka year did not start too well. Immediately after the December rally began to fall - so in January we remembered the biggest collapses Bitcoins.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Forbes first published the rating of the rich kriptovalyutnyh. First place went to finteh entrepreneur and head of Ripple Chris Larsen, with a fortune of US $ 7-8 billion (he is still the leader in this ranking, despite the significant reduction in capital due to the collapse of the market).

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Bitcoin cost dropped to $11 000, and this figure is still commands respect. But there were other cryptocurrency, which cost more. Much more.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Until all traces of the collapse of Bitcoin, ruble also fell - to a minimum of one and a half years (due to the introduction of US sanctions). "Volatility is happening", - commented the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Russian.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

ICO Telegram was the largest ever in terms of attracted funds - the company Pavel Durov collected 1,7 billion dollars. True, a couple of months will be the leader of EOS, will attract 4 billion dollars.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

In the summer held the most anticipated event in the world of football - World Cup 2018. In honor of this, we decided to find a place in Moscow, where you can spend Bitcoins. The result was a curious map

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Bitcoin firmly won its place in the global money system. In summer only one person in the world have enough funds, to buy up all the BTC to the last, - is Jeff Bezos.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Another decline in prices for cryptocurrency led to, Video card fell to the lowest in a year.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

ICO-market, too, was not in good shape: 70% tokenov, appeared in 2018 year, dropped after initial placement. The loss of some companies and do tens of millions of dollars.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

Due to the falling market Bitcoin mining became unprofitable, and passed into the hands of big players. So, profit small miners, who pay for electricity at retail prices, It becomes zero. It was the first time in history.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

The next market crash (One of the reasons which became hardfork Bitcoin Cash). 1453 cryptocurrency of 1880, tracked CoinMarketCap, - that is, almost 80% - failed on 90% and below their record levels.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year

What will happen to Bitcoin? Today this question is raised by all kriptoinvestory. We tried to find an answer, but forecasts the best experts sharply differ. Someone predicts, that Bitcoin will grow to 1 million dollars, someone - it will fall to $100. Who is right? Show 2019 th.

Kriptorynok in graphs: The results 2018 year


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