IPO Teads (financial model)

IPO Teads (financial model)

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to 28.07.2021 20:00 [MSC]


2019: 509,5m | 2020: 540,3m | six percent

20Q1: 95,6m | 21Q1: 126,6m | 32.five percent


2019: 55,3m | 2020: 111,5m | 101.eight percent

20Q1: -1,0m | 21Q1: 28,0m

Express withdrawal

Weak growth, but accelerating revenue. Good income growth.


0.4 debt / equity, at a rate of less than 2, good indicator.

Cash settlement

One-year assessment + neighborhood, i.e 1, twenty-five years.

Shares in circulation.: 238,10m


2019: 509,5

21Q1: 571.3

Every Year's Growth: 9,6 %


2019: 55,3

21Q1: 140.6

Spending starting from calculations

2019: 454,2

21Q1: 430,7

Every Year's Growth: -4,2 %

Good Unit Economy, revenue grows faster than costs.

Further, taking into account the growth rate, we will calculate ten years of average annual growth and ten years of the terminal stage of four percent.. We reduce profit according to the rules for calculating discounted currency flows every year on 14,63 %, because it will be easier to invest in the index, but not to try fate with this startup.

Fair value per share $19.
IPO Spectrum: $18 -21.

Solution: do not participate, no growth potential to a fair price and the state is not the United States.

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