Investicii sobytija nedeli 7 e083eaa инвестиции. События недели (№ 7)

Investments. Events of the week (№ 7)

greetings to all! End of the week in investments, with him September is behind and young October is ahead. It's time to # diaries and summarize the results of the week, remember events and analyze portfolios. Like you – I have an interesting post!

Инвестиции. События недели (№ 7)

Investment news

The energy crisis in Europe continues, not clear yet, when all the formalities on the Nord Stream – 2 there will be settlements. If I were in the place of the authorities in Europe, I would hurry, because. the gas season has already begun, and there is still no gas pumping through the new pipeline. Hence, gas prices are breaking records again – 1100$ per cubic meter – for Gazprom and its shareholders, just super.

Against this background, prices for related energy resources are also growing. – #oil and coal. Brent crude oil reached this week 80$ per barrel for the first time since 2018 of the year. A little more remains to the maximums with 2014 of the year. Schedule coal prices also resemble a rocket taking off – prices for the year increased by 3,5 times.

For Russia, most of the economy is based on mining, the rise in prices for natural resources is only a plus. Stocks of many companies are growing: oil, gas, coal. #The Moscow Exchange index again reached a maximum against this background. Bad then, that such growth will support inflation, from which the common population suffers. In addition, the growth of stocks was not caused by the development of the companies themselves., and the rise in resource prices, so if prices return to normal, then stocks can fall too.

Surely many of you have heard about the beginning of testing investors with 1 october. Options such as margin trading will not be available without testing, #options and #futures, structured products. But all this is essentially not necessary for a conservative long-term investor.. The only thing, what really limits – this is access to bonds below AAA rating, ie. almost all corporate #bonds. So if you want to invest in bonds, then testing needs to be passed. I will write a separate post on this topic..

IN USA, Meanwhile, there is a threat of default. The national debt approached the critical level, after which either a default is declared, or the ceiling of borrowing rises. According to a long-term tradition, this ceiling is being raised all the time.. Everyone is already used to this., but this fact is still unpleasant. Therefore, the index S&September P500 Shows Worst Drop Since March 2020. I would like to, for the system to default, it will be fun.

Finally, my investment today is exactly 3 of the year. 3 october 2018 year I began to actively invest in the stock market. This period is characterized by strong market growth. My investments have shown profitability over the years, respectively 15%, 39% and 15%, which on average gives 23% annual, which is better, than the Moscow Exchange index even taking into account dividends, despite the fall in gold mining stocks this year, constituents 14% assets.

Returning from global investments this week. The Moscow Exchange Index rose by 1,21%, reaching an all-time high. My portfolio IIS showed a more modest result again 0,52%. For the fifth week in a row, my portfolio turns out to be worse in terms of profitability, but still, for the entire investment period, it is well ahead of the index.

NKNKh received dividends in the amount 2 821 rub., what will go to the piggy bank of reinvestments. Coupons for Tatneftekhim bonds arrived, as well as their partial repayment. About 40 thous. rub. – bought new bonds with them – Шевченк1Р1, profitability 9,11% clean. By the way, I have launched a new bond rate, having studied which you can also effectively invest in bonds. Link in the profile header on Instagram!

Let's analyze the dynamics of stocks in a portfolio. In fact, she's very mixed this week.. If oil workers are doing well against the backdrop of rising oil and gas prices, especially Gazprom (+4,7%), then metallurgists are reduced on average by 5% due to the increase in severance tax in the industry. And in general, it seems, what finally, inadequate growth of metallurgists is over, and the correction is in full swing. If the decline continues, then you can start buying shares.

NKNK shares continue to fall (-4,8%) due to ambiguity in the dividend policy for the next year after the merger with Sibur. A plus, shareholders are somewhat upset to learn that there are no plans to buy back shares by Sibur.

But the shares of Inter RAO, opposite, show good growth (+3,5%) on the news about, that China asked the company to increase the supply of electricity, which will have a positive effect on financial performance in the future.

This is how the current week ends., and with it September. Like the post, if it is useful. Write your opinion about investments this week in the comments. And also get my new bond rate for just 2 bonds. Details on the link in the profile header again on Instagram! :)

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