Investments. Events of the week (№ 13)

Hello everyone! The past week is full of different events, which greatly influence the market and the investor's decisions. Let's analyze them today in the article.

Инвестиции. События недели (№ 13)

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The week began with the collapse of Tesla shares on Monday on 5% after that, how Musk conducted a poll on Twitter about the sale of Tesla shares. People in the majority voted for the sale. So all week Max sold his 10% stake in the company., so after Monday the decline only accelerated., and now the stock is at local lows: -15,5% during the week. Even with such a discount, the action is too expensive for me., PE now 345, and my risk profile does not allow me to invest in such companies, even though, what, possibly, this company is the future.

In the near future, a competitor of the Moscow Exchange - St. Petersburg Exchange - will enter the market, Whose IPO is scheduled for 19 November. This placement gathers a lot of hype around itself and already looks cooler than Ozone.. Least, the most interesting IPO of recent years. The company is evaluated 10,5$-11,4$ per share, which is twice as expensive as the Moscow Exchange. But the growth rate of the St. Petersburg stock exchange is off the scale: Revenue for 2020 year increased in 4,6 times, and for 1 half a year 2021 is as for all 2020. Demand for IPO in 2,5 times the supply, people want to buy a casino (in a good way), which, as known, always in the black despite the crises. I plan to write a detailed post on Wednesday analyzing this IPO..

Meanwhile, there is a slight panic in the global market.. Inflation in the US at the highs for the last 30 years. According to the latest statistics, it is now at the level of 6,2%. This was the last time it happened in 1990 year. After the release of such news, investors began to buy gold, as a protective asset against inflation. This caused a rapid growth in the shares of gold mining companies.. for example, Polymetal for the week increased by 9,5%, Pole – on 10%. But the situation may change next year., if a FED The US will begin to raise the rate.

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On Friday, the Russian market ended the week with a strong decline against the background of geopolitical risks. U.S. warns Eu: "Russian troops can invade Ukraine". Washington monitors the build-up of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine and the United States fear a military operation. New sanctions may be imposed. On this index MosBirzha lost on Friday 1,62%, and RTS index (analogue of MosBirzha, only in dollars) and completely failed -3,8%.

At the end of the week, the markets also declined.. Index MosBirzha for the week sank on 1,27%. My portfolio has dropped by 1,22%. Hopefully, until the end of November, the decline will continue, what to allow to buy shares not on 10 thousand rubles, normally, and on 20 thousand. There were no dividends or coupons this week., now in this regard, the market is calm and off-season.

It is interesting to look at the dynamics of stocks in the portfolio for the week. The worst this time are the backbone companies of Russia.: oil and banks. The reason is the aggravation of the geopolitical situation in the world. I remember, in April 2018 the market for the day collapsed on 8% with the imposition of sanctions, so we look forward to it.

Despite the fall of the oil company, as well, actually, oil prices this week, Bashneft shares showed growth +1%. All thanks to the cool report of the company, which was released on Friday. Judging by the indicators, Bashneft almost reached a record level 2018 of the year, then the shares were worth about 1800 rub. Now, with the same finances, the share price 1142 rub., ie. we are offered a discount in 36%. Yes, there are risks of non-payment of dividends due to the parent Rosneft, but still. I even put up a purchase order in a speculative portfolio on 1139, but it didn't work.

Shares of Children's World are growing (+2,8%) and this is not surprising, because. the company's potential is huge and among the many companies on the market, its shares are now among the most undervalued.. Hopefully, there will still be a wave of sales, to buy shares of Children's World. Shares of Surgutneftegaz also grew strongly. (+33,5%!!!), although I don't have their stocks in my portfolios. Absolutely no news, which would explain this growth. Because of this turbidity of the company, I do not buy shares of Surgutneftegaz.

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