INFOGRAPHICS and description of Phone 5C and Phone 5S

iPhone 5s in all its glory!

iPhone 5s


Added additional phone color - gold. This, most likely a special phone for Russia, Middle East and China :) Except for the fingerprint reader, iPhone 5s is no different from the 5th.



IPhone 5s has a new A7 processor, 64-discharge. Smartphone can render OpenGL ES 3.0. Say, what makes it in 56 раз быстрее.

An additional M7 sensor is installed inside the smartphone, which is a kind of pedometer, which fitness apps will be able to use. For example Nike + will count your steps and post data to Game Center.

Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

IPhone 5s has a fingerprint scanner, which not only allows you to unlock your phone with one touch, but will also allow you to buy programs in the App Store. Also, via API, it will be possible to use the scanner in third-party applications.



The new phone uses a doubled new flash, which can generate up to 1000 different pulses to compensate for lack of light and equalize white balance. The camera still has 8MP, but became faster f / 2.2, and the sensor is on 15% more. This is good news. :)

The camera can take pictures at a speed 10 frames per second with the subsequent selection of a new photo, as well as, снимать slow-motion video разрешением 720p со скоростью 120 frames / second.

iPhone 5c

Screenshot 2013-09-10 21.53.51

iPhone 5c is essentially the same iPhone 5, but only in a plastic case. There are only five colors:

But there are still many, many colors of special cases with holes for $30 штучка, which make the number of possible colors of your phone very large. Выглядит это так:

Screenshot 2013-09-10 21.52.35


iPhone 5с


iphone 5s specs

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