I am not a pessimist – I am a realist

I’m sure that Amazon in the next month will rise considerably,” said Tom to his friend Fred during the coffee break. “Why do you think so?” Skeptically asked Fred. Tom says: “in next month’s classes begin, but students and teachers need to buy books, it should increase sales, and hence the share price.” Fred retorts: “Maybe, but it might not be so easy. This is just one of many possible factors, but the price may depend on a number of other reasons that you probably missed. Disillusioned little support for his friend, Tom yells, “You’re such a pessimist.”
Fred replied calmly, “I am not a pessimist, I – a realist, trade is not as easy as you think.” Pessimism may be the worst enemy of man. If you think that the goal is impossible to achieve, you will have no desire to mobilize resources and work tirelessly to get it. But the extraordinary and unrealistic optimism – much more powerful enemy of the trader. If you trust too poorly designed trading plan, you will lose money. There is a reason that the pessimists are often realistic. It is worth to consider this postulate, at least philosophically. Scientists compared the optimists and pessimists, by the way they are playing games, to assess the likelihood of its success. These findings are unexpected, the pessimists are more realistic in their assessments than the optimists.
Optimists overvalue the chance of winning, while, as the pessimists have meticulously accurate. These results make us think: The pessimists are realists. It should not be inferred that need to be a pessimist to get the best results of trade, but a skeptical view of things is sometimes seen as a possible advantage. Most people tend to feel completely in control, even more powerful. When it comes to transactions, however, such thinking can be misleading.
It is often useful to think that pessimism may actually reflect realism. When you think that your plan is insured against mistakes, it is useful to look at it from the outside and put him in doubt. Ask yourself: “I am not too presumptuous? What can go wrong, how do you want? You may want to be a little more skeptical and self-critical, before the act.” In other words, sometimes beneficial to think that perhaps “pessimists – it is really realistic.”

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