How to get rid of the burden of emotions

All last year, Bob sold. He was still a beginner, but has already made hundreds of deals. Today, it is long on Intel. He has a plan. He manages risk. This deal in no way stands out among his other positions. There is no reason to somehow distinguish this deal, but somehow it still stands. It is not certain that he can now trade. He wondered why he continues to trade. He thinks: “Do I like all this? What is the purpose?” What I want to achieve as a whole? ” In this transaction, right now, Bob is excessive emotional burden. He went into the usual deal and made her a symbol of the picture, gave her a profound meaning. Rob examines what it is that this deal means to him. Most traders are advised to take off, when there are similar thoughts. But Bob asking questions about their reasons for trading. He was not sure why he does this, and exaggerates the importance of routine commercial operations. He may try today dismiss it, but next week, these thoughts are likely to come again. Subconsciously, he understands that no large-scale, strategic plan. Many traders can achieve some short-term success, but very difficult to build on the success for long. Winning traders are looking for new challenges. They improve the skills and continue to enjoy the game. But Bob feels stagnant. He was almost ready to go. He must find the answers, the sooner the better. You can see that trading is fully consistent with the general plan of life? If not, you can wait for a collapse.

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It is vitally important to know who you are, where you were before and where are going now. This can be understood intellectually, but emotionally it is difficult to clearly understand its place in the path of life and know exactly what you want to do throughout the journey from now until the end of life. If the trader does not know the answers to these fundamental questions, it is likely to allow outstanding issues to influence the results of trade.

Not easy to find answers to past and future psychological disturbances. It requires some reflection and understanding that some problems never resolved completely. So what do ordinary trader? When we discussed this problem in the past, many people asked us how to get rid of past emotional load. Pair trading teachers believed that some people can get rid of their own emotional load. Indeed, so much can be achieved only by reading articles about self-improvement website. If a person is rooted unresolved psychological problems, it is guaranteed some form of professional help. But for many traders the key to solving problems with the load of emotion lies in the practice of self-awareness. Psychologist Carl Rogers believed that people’s past conflicts lie just below the surface of their consciousness. If they just would rather persistent and allow your mind to think freely, they could identify psychological problems. Basically, you need to consider who wants to be a trader, and impartially compare this with the ideal of what he actually is. If there is a discrepancy, will be felt stress and anxiety. The solution can be found in changing the goals or life plan. For example, if a person believes that he should be a good husband and father, and the time that he devotes trade, has balked, he would feel uneasy and ambivalent in regard to trading. Something had to change. He should not give up trade, but he needs to investigate the problem and come up with a solution. Perhaps he should make a fixed time to communicate with his wife and children. The main thing – an attempt to throw the problem out of your head will only lead to trouble. Ongoing psychological conflicts require understanding and solutions. Relentlessly honest look at the aspirations, constraints and real opportunities can help you get rid of past emotional load. If you work on this rather successfully, you can concentrate on trade and develop thinking victorious trader.

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