How to become more ambitious

Successful traders have a strong motivation to achieve goals. Kouchery and experienced traders have long noticed that the best results in the trade are making those relatively early in his life set a goal to succeed. These are people who have persistence in achieving goals. They are not easily give up their ideas. They operate on the verge of the possible, accumulate experience, until they reach the highest level of skill. In this process it produces a stone with confidence. They do all this so quickly and independently as possible. If your goal is to achieve financial success, it is in your best interest to show the zeal to achieve the goal.

Psychologists have studied ambitious people for decades. All these people have in common. They work tirelessly to achieve the goals. They are open to new experience, they are constantly thinking of new ways to reach new heights. But the most interesting aspect of their personality is how they are going to end. They are extremely organized and focused. When it comes to solving problems, they tend to quickly solve simple problems, to be able to solve more complex. They set priorities and devote most of their efforts the tasks that really require solutions, ignoring the less important.

When it comes to analyzing their work, they prefer an accurate and specific analysis. They like to be honest with themselves, meticulously analyze their mistakes and not trying to be white and fluffy. They are not afraid to see their shortcomings. They work independently. They are not interested in how lucky others. Although they are very competitive, they do not compare yourself with others. The only standards they care about is their own standards.

Ambitious trader itself represents a model of success. You can take example from such people. In fact, how to work tirelessly to achieve the goal, while to be organized and wisely spend their time. For example, do not waste time thinking about what kind of about the same opportunities to use. Choose only one of them, and dedicate the remainder of the development of a detailed plan. Consider a strategy to entry, exit, risk control. Once your plan is outlined, follow him, without effort.

How much are you motivated? A small test will allow you to make a conclusion on this characteristic.

A group of traders were asked to rate the following judgments on a 4-point scale by answering the question of how each of them is right for them. If you completely disagree with the statement, record yourself 1 point. If you do not agree in part, 2 points. If you agree in part, 3 points. If fully agree 4 points.

1. For me, it is important to contribute to society.
2. When I was a teenager, I often thought about how to achieve success.
3. I hate it when I was distracted during important work.
4. I work better when I take full responsibility for achieving the goal.
5. I never compare myself with others, when I move to their goal.
6. In his early life, I made a decision about what to do to succeed.
7. I always set high standards for itself.
8. I feel guilty when I failed to realize their expectations.
9. I will not surrender easily.
10. I try to do more than expected from me.
11. When I encounter a difficult problem, I concentrate on it until it is resolved.
12. I’ve always been interested in acquiring new skills in different areas.
13. I've always been considered a reliable worker.
14. I like to be masters of their own destiny.
15. I’m not afraid to take risks, but I do not like to risk unnecessarily.
16. I like to work using their full potential.
17. I prefer a clear and precise analysis.

How many points you score. If you received the result of 17 to 52 points, then you enter the group, comprising approximately 25% of traders participating in the test. Your relatively low result may not necessarily mean that you have a low level of ambition, given the fact that many traders, answered questions very ambitious people. However, you may be interested to know that the traders who entered this group, most of them do not have those character traits that are necessary for successful trading. Very often they will sooner surrender or set too pessimistic. They are characterized by a passive approach to solving problems. They are often fixated on past mistakes, instead of living in the present, to develop new solutions and move forward.

If your result is between 53 and 63 points, then you are in the middle group, if you have more than 63 points, then you are in a group, comprising only 25% of traders who participated in the survey. If you score so many points, you are optimistic, forward-looking, flexible and independent in their thinking when solving problems. Such people do not surrender at the first failure and feel confident, with marked success.

You may be very useful to learn how you can improve their ambition. It is important to remain optimistic. Many people have problems with motivation, because they have the secret belief that they can not become successful traders. If you are concerned that a successful trader you really become. You need to examine their inner motives, to understand whether you really want to become a successful trader.

It is important to clearly evaluate themselves, to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether they were successful or not. Do not let your pride or selfishness prevent you to give an objective assessment of their actions. Keep a trading diary is very useful to monitor and analyze their transactions and then. Avoid comparing yourself with others. If you compare yourself with others, it prevents the recruitment of their own experience. The only person whose behavior you should be concerned, should be yourselves. Focus on yourself, forget about the others. Improve your trading skills, gain experience. If you can do it all, your ambitions grow, and this will help you become a good trader.

Author: Trader

Personal blog of a professional trader on the US stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) Dmitry Gavrilov. Started his career at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2008 years in prop company . With 2009 of the year became a senior trader of the largest prop in Russia and began to train traders of the company. With 2011 of the year was a trader of GT Capital Group with the support of SMB Capital (USA).