Horizons ETFs Launches Global Vaccines and Infectious Diseases ETF

Frankfurt-based Solactive claims, that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the global health system. Along with large-scale negative consequences, she has become a positive catalyst for the development of new drugs and vaccines. Potential Uses of mRNA Pharmaceuticals, in particular, far exceeds their current use as an effective vaccine against SARS-COVID-19. According to research forecasts, the global market for mRNA vaccines and therapeutic drugs will grow at a growth rate of about 13% during 2021-2026 years.

Horizons ETFs запускает Global Vaccines and Infectious Diseases ETF

Horizons ETFs Management запустила Horizons Global Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Index ETF, which tracks the global impact on companies, developing vaccines, diagnostics and therapy. The base index is the Solactive Global Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Index. Its constituents are determined using Solactive's proprietary ARTIS natural language processing algorithm.. Using keywords, describing the topic of the index, ARTIS defines companies, who have or, As expected, will have a significant impact on the development and production of vaccines, therapeutic agents and diagnostics. Moreover, the index includes companies, developing new prophylactic agents, therapeutic drugs and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, including new viruses.

Based on materials from ETFexpress

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