Exclusive Interview: Trader and Financial Journalist Eric Bolling

Damien HoffmanEric Bolling has had an exciting career. He has been a professional trader, he helped launch Fast Money, and now he is a star on FOX Business. Despite all these intense jobs, Eric has managed to create a special relationship with his son. I caught up with Eric before Happy Hour to hear more about his career path and his advice for the younger generation …

Damien Hoffman: Eric, how did you start your transition from trader to financial journalist?

Eric: I helped launch Fast Money and really loved it. I had fun sitting on the Fast Money panel talking about trading, teaching people how to make money, and teaching people how not to loose money — those are two completely different things.

The only issue I had was the schedule. Fast Money was taping at 7:00 PM to be aired at 8:00. I wasn’t getting home until 8:30, sometimes 9:00, and my son was seven-years old at the time. I would walk in the door and he would be in tears every night. The guilt was killing me. I realized my relationship with my son would not stay solid. So, I resigned.

After that, the good people here at FOX said, “Come in and talk about a show we’re doing.” I joined Happy Hour, and the rest is history.

Damien: Congrats on putting your family first. How do you preserve that work-life balance ?

Eric: That balance is very important to me. I literally walked away from something I dearly loved because something more dear to me is my family. I am my son’s baseball coach and friend. I help him with his home work every night and drive him to school every morning.

That balance is everything cause if there is an imbalance coming from your home life, you’re not going to trade well or be a good journalist on TV.

Damien: Are you still able to trade?

Eric: Yes. I have my screen open right now. I obviously cannot be as intense as I was as a full-time trader, but I keep myself in the game.

Continuing to trade is very important to what I do as a financial journalist. There are people on the air who talk about a trade, a company, or asset class they haven’t traded in ten years … or ever. I use my trading background. I know what it feels like to loose money, and I think the viewers really appreciates that. I think the viewer says, “You know what it is to have skin in the game.” It’s more of a qualified opinion.

Damien: Eric, you’ve been very successful and also kept your priorities in order. What advice do you have for your son?

Eric: My son is my pride and absolute joy — so this advice is from my heart. For years I had said he should get into trading. It’s exciting, dynamic, and if you are good at it you can make a lot of money.

Now I think it’s time to look at things like politics. I think the important jobs will be in the government. Wall Street has lost all its cards, and they are now in Washington.

So, my advice to my son is: do well in school, and either go into the politics game or the entertainment game because that’s where the real future will be.

Damien: Eric, thank you very much for sharing your personal story. You are a great example that we can be successful without completely sacrificing family life.

Eric: Thanks for the kind words, Damien. I will speak with you soon.


Author: Trader

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