Exclusive Interview: Trader and Financial Journalist Eric Bolling

Damien HoffmanEric Bolling has had an exciting career. He has been a professional trader, he helped launch Fast Money, and now he is a star on FOX Business. Despite all these intense jobs, Eric has managed to create a special relationship with his son. I caught up with Eric before Happy Hour to hear more about his career path and his advice for the younger generation …

Damien Hoffman: Eric, how did you start your transition from trader to financial journalist?

Eric: I helped launch Fast Money and really loved it. I had fun sitting on the Fast Money panel talking about trading, teaching people how to make money, and teaching people how not to loose money — those are two completely different things.

The only issue I had was the schedule. Fast Money was taping at 7:00 PM to be aired at 8:00. I wasn’t getting home until 8:30, sometimes 9:00, and my son was seven-years old at the time. I would walk in the door and he would be in tears every night. The guilt was killing me. I realized my relationship with my son would not stay solid. So, I resigned.

After that, the good people here at FOX said, “Come in and talk about a show we’re doing.” I joined Happy Hour, and the rest is history.

Damien: Congrats on putting your family first. How do you preserve that work-life balance ?

Eric: That balance is very important to me. I literally walked away from something I dearly loved because something more dear to me is my family. I am my son’s baseball coach and friend. I help him with his home work every night and drive him to school every morning.

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That balance is everything cause if there is an imbalance coming from your home life, you’re not going to trade well or be a good journalist on TV.

Damien: Are you still able to trade?

Eric: Yes. I have my screen open right now. I obviously cannot be as intense as I was as a full-time trader, but I keep myself in the game.

Continuing to trade is very important to what I do as a financial journalist. There are people on the air who talk about a trade, a company, or asset class they haven’t traded in ten years … or ever. I use my trading background. I know what it feels like to loose money, and I think the viewers really appreciates that. I think the viewer says, “You know what it is to have skin in the game.” It’s more of a qualified opinion.

Damien: Eric, you’ve been very successful and also kept your priorities in order. What advice do you have for your son?

Eric: My son is my pride and absolute joy — so this advice is from my heart. For years I had said he should get into trading. It’s exciting, dynamic, and if you are good at it you can make a lot of money.

Now I think it’s time to look at things like politics. I think the important jobs will be in the government. Wall Street has lost all its cards, and they are now in Washington.

So, my advice to my son is: do well in school, and either go into the politics game or the entertainment game because that’s where the real future will be.

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Damien: Eric, thank you very much for sharing your personal story. You are a great example that we can be successful without completely sacrificing family life.

Eric: Thanks for the kind words, Damien. I will speak with you soon.


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