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Electric cars are not just Tesla

Overview of Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Companies, in terms of functionality, not inferior to the company of Elon Musk

Электромобили — это не только tesla

Electric cars are not just Tesla

Electric cars have long ceased to seem something futuristic. Several European countries and the state of California in the United States have already adopted mandates to ban sales of passenger cars with internal combustion engines by 2030–2035.. The administration of President Joe Biden announced a large-scale infrastructure project for the construction of 500 thous. charging stations throughout the United States.

This fuels investors' expectations and causes a stir.: any mention of plans to produce electric cars makes the stock soar by tens of percent.. Examples of this are the shares of Chinese companies NIO and Xpeng, Baidu и Geely. Tesla shares have risen since 90 Doll. per share up to 900 Doll. in January 2021 r. It was to them that the media attention was most focused.. Savory investors are cautious about Tesla's market cap, which implies extremely high revenue growth rates and the absence of serious competition from other manufacturers.

Who is right, Time will tell. If your current quotes are uncomfortable for purchases, and you don't want to miss the trend that is gaining development., you can consider the company, supplying electric cars to the market at more attractive prices.

for example, company BorgWarner. The main field of activity is the development and production of a wide range of power plants and systems serving them., as well as electric motors, cooling and charging systems for batteries, electronics. At the last conference, management spoke about the company's plans to increase the product segment for electric cars to 45% Revenues to 2030 r. The company already provides a set of components for hybrid and electric vehicles and plans to develop this direction..

Company BMW — another potential market leader of electric cars. BMW management expects, what to 2023 r. share of hybrid and all-electric cars will bring 20% proceeds, and gives a high forecast of sales growth rates (50% CAGR). TO 2025 r. BMW plan to sell 2 million e-cars and introduce a new platform called Neue Klasse, which will become the basis for all subsequent models. The platform will be equipped with new software, electric motors and batteries of new generation. TO 2030 r. electric cars will make 50% sales of the company, reaching 10 million cars.

Another central player in the market could be a company Nissan. The company, together with Renault and Mitsubishi, has overcome the phase of active investment in production facilities and with 2009 r. total sold 700 thous. Car, equipped with electric batteries and motors.

How to buy shares of electric car manufacturers

  • BorgWarner shares are available on exchanges NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and SPBEX (St. Petersburg Stock Exchange) under the tickers BWA and BWA_SPB.

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  • BMW Papers are only available to qualified investors in the system Xetra under the ticker BMW.

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  • Nissan Motor securities are available only to qualified investors on exchanges SWB (Stuttgart Stock Exchange) and FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) under the ticker NISA.

Rice. 3. Shares of Nissan Motor 2007-2021. A source: FWBRis. 3. Shares of Nissan Motor 2007-2021. A source: FWB

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