The expert told, what cryptocurrency to invest in for the near future

Cryptocurrency analyst Altcoin Sherpa thinks, that altcoin season hasn't arrived yet, and bitcoin is preparing to become the main actor in the cryptocurrency market

Эксперт рассказал, в какую криптовалюту инвестировать на ближайшее будущее

According to him, in the near future, altcoins will not show the expected high results due to the bullish exchange rate movement of BTC:

“Pay attention to the fall of the altcoin / BTC pairs in the case of the beginning of the movement of BTC. This is not all. Altcoin / USD pairs should show growth (but still give way to BTC). I think, that the altcoin season has not yet arrived ".

The analyst noted, that Bitcoin was forming a bullish higher low around the level $60 000, and, although there is the possibility of a short-term decrease, he expects the asset to grow significantly from current levels:

“For BTC, a minimum of. There is a possibility of a short hike to $55 000. But I don't care about these minor movements. I keep accumulating BTC and when it starts moving, it will be swift "

Altcoin Sherpa Highlighted, that altcoins will have time to show themselves, but after that, how the bitcoin rally will cool down. As an example, he cited the situation at the end 2020 of the year, when the BTC rate took off from $10 000 to $30 000, while most altcoins were at about the same level.

Analyst expects growth in ETH against USD, but not against BTC. In his opinion, at the beginning 2022 years ETH may show parabolic growth:

“ETH is looking forward to good results against USD, but it will still show lower results in the coming weeks, than BTC ".

Moreover, Altcoin Sherpa Expects Continued Growth From Solana Smart Contract Platform (SOL), although the results will also be lower compared to BTC:

“I still think, what in the coming weeks, when BTC is waiting for real movement, SOL will show lower results compared to the top asset. but, in a pair against USD, SOL has good growth prospects "

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