Bloomberg expert called the advantage of cryptocurrency over the stock market

Bloomberg Intelligence strategist Mike McGlone noted, that cryptocurrency has one big advantage over the stock market

Эксперт Bloomberg назвал преимущество криптовалюты перед фондовым рынком

It compares the S index.&P 500 with digital asset index, tracking the top 10 largest and most liquid crypto assets. In his opinion, the ability of crypto assets to eliminate excess leverage from the system due to sudden exchange rate declines and rebounds is one of the advantages of digital assets over the stock market.:

"I have little doubt., that in the next period of instability in the stock market FED will expand the program of quantitative easing, that will help strengthen the basis of bitcoin. Getting rid of excess speculative capital within 1 hours are an advantage of cryptocurrency assets over S&P 500»

Regarding bitcoin, the expert believes, that he is still strengthening his base, and commodity prices signal imminent peak inflation:

"Commodities are good indicators of approaching peak inflation.. Bitcoin is becoming a digital collateral asset and part of the technological revolution"

McGlone named 3 Main components, which contribute to the growth of the crypto market: it's BTC, ETH and a wide range of stablecoins (he calls them "cryptodollars").

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