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If we believe the data electrocorticography, the main emotion of the subjects, play with the computer games of chance - regret for past mistakes

Most generalized statements about life (for example, "Life - a river") contentless. However, alone among them is Pushkin's "What is our life? The game!" - at least, from the point of view of the psychologist. The fact, that in human consciousness, Place your bets with an unknown outcome, In its simplest form the model occur very fundamental cognitive processes: decision-making under conditions of lack of data, desire to receive the award, estimation of possible losses, regret a wrong decision and correction of future strategies. That is why gambling treyder- coveted object for neuropsychologists, and on this model, they will test a variety of methods for studying brain activity.

В недавней работе исследователей из Университета Калифорнии, Berkeley, electrocorticography used method (EKoG) - obtaining data from a network of hundreds of electrodes, placed directly on the surface of the brain. The method allows for up to a thousand times per second with unparalleled resolution. To conduct such experiments on humans enables the fact, that such a network of electrodes implanted in patients with severe forms of epilepsy to clarify the diagnosis before surgery. Neuroscientists can take advantage of the situation and to offer patients at the same time stay in their volunteer experiences. One of the main authors of the work, Professor Robert Knight, for ten years specializing in this type of research, and now it came to gambling.

Place your bets

Experience has been, that the subjects were asked to make a bet - more or less, at his request - and after 550 milliseconds, the computer informed him about winning or losing. The researchers were able to vary the odds of winning and the size, and this is reflected in the pattern of brain activity of subjects. Since the rules of the game varied directly in the course of the experiment, neuroscientists have always known exactly, pondering what exactly of the rounds busy brain test in that particular millisecond.

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Rough idea, than busy Player brain, It can be obtained from previous studies, conducted Bole crude methods of magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography. Among them was known, What is most interesting is happening in the orbital-frontal cortex, responsible, in particular, for the analysis of social interactions. In this area of ​​the brain, in the left hemisphere, is crust portion, wherein the excitation, apparently, It corresponds to the emotion of regret. It is this area, According to the California researchers, and flashed every time after the announcement of the results of the gambling kona.

It revealed some interesting circumstances. First, regret was the main emotion of the subjects after the loss, and after winning: in the first case, obviously, They grieve for losing bets, and in the second spared, We do not put more than. Second, the mind of the subjects was occupied solely the result of the previous round of play, and to an earlier experience, they did not address (as explained above, experimenters knew about it, because they could vary the rates and conditions to fix the corresponding picture of brain activity). Third, the picture does not change after, as the subject made another bet: instead of the joyful expectation of winning - or even regret the recent decision to make a risky bet - his brain continued his analysis of the results of the last kona, and it lasted all 550 milliseconds before the announcement of the new result.

Not to get, like last time

From the experimental results should be, that our orbitofrontal cortex is occupied mainly by the, that again and again reproduces the recent experience and records, what it does not suit us (it, actually, and has emotion "regret"). At least, such is its function in those happy hours, when her master, with varying success bets on "red" or "black", I am trying to get the secrets of roulette laws. Probably, when processing more efficient experience from other fields of activity pattern is similar: in life there is always a place of frustrated expectations and intent not to repeat past mistakes.

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Speaking about the part of the cortex, We are specializing in the bitter feeling of regret, we should recall the curious story. Even in the middle of the XIX century, this part of the brain first came to the attention of neurophysiologists, when there was a dramatic incident with the American railroad worker Phineas Gage. As a result of an accident skull and brain Gage appeared broken metal rod: zhelezjaka entered the brain is in the orbito-frontal cortex of the left hemisphere. Phineas is not only still alive, but not even the malfunction. Only changed its character: from quiet and obliging guy Gage became impulsive, unrestrained and highly aggressive entity - from those, who sometimes describe the expression "loose". Obviously, that our "brake" - it's just regret about the undesirable consequences of decisions made by us and the desire not to repeat the mistakes of. According to Professor Robert Knight: "If you do not know of anything to regret, you enter into the world of psychological dependence, and antisocial behavior ".

From the experiments of California researchers seen, which plays an important role in cognitive regret ordinary people (in simulated gambling). The study's authors believe, that the data on the activity of the cerebral cortex obtained by them provide a better understanding, both involve certain brain damage - e.g., as a result of trauma or tumors - with behavioral disorders. note also, These data may be of interest to economists, particularly specializing in the area of ​​today's popular "behavioral economics". Hypothesis, that each new decision of the subject is based primarily on the desire to correct the undesirable effects of the last previous decision, It deserves close attention of specialists from different fields of science.

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