What Millionaires Read? List of books recommended by Evgeny Chichvarkin.

What Millionaires Read? List of books recommended by Evgeny Chichvarkin.
Wanna be a millionaire, behave like a millionaire, stop watching TV and read Books. This list of books is recommended by successful businessman Evgeny Chichvarkin (founder of Euroset).
1. Losing Innocence by Richard Branson.
Already takes your breath away. Sometimes it seems, as if you are at your best and experience hypoxia. Awesome book, the only thing, what do you want to say: if you do not have such an unconscious analysis, no need to repeat this, so it's not safe financially. A good shot of adrenaline for aspiring entrepreneurs.
2. "War for Talent" E. Michaels, X. Handfield-Jones, E. Excelrod.
Good book, teaches to evaluate and appreciate people. This is extremely important for Russia. Basically, for managers of large enough companies.
3. "Strong State" Francis Fukuyama.
Unfortunately, I haven't read it to the end. Opening my mouth, listened to it at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last year. I highly recommend reading the first chapter, And, if you like, farther.
4. Matsushita Leadership by John Kotler.
A serious and sometimes tragic book. The story about, that everything can be achieved only with the utmost concentration of moral and physical strength.
5. "Imagine!»Tom Peters.
Correct translation of "Re-imagine" - "Re-imagine", not "Imagine". "Imagine" is a John Lennon album 1971 of the year. A stunning book with the highest emotional charge. A powerful call for change, to open-minded thinking. You need to read, as "An Introduction to Psychoanalysis". Freud: on 1 chapter a day, for better assimilation.
6. "How I Created Wal-Mart" by Sam Walton.
Can't ask to read on 1 chapter a day, it is swallowed by good businessmen and for many people it is a confirmation, that they did everything right, that everyone goes through this. For merchants, as for sailors, Wal-Mart is the definition, where is north, where is south and where to sail.
7. "Motivation in the style of EKSHN. Delight is contagious!" TO. Cobjell.
Amazing, what exactly was created in Germany, what is created. Everything- yet the propensity for formalism and trade union pressure are quite high. People are perfectly motivated and disciplined even without a dress code, especially, job ads are just a song.
8. “Uniqueness now ... or never. »
Book on corporate religion "Jesper Kunde. Good branding guide, at least you understand, buying the same Danone or Kellogg's, what the company wants from you. The book gives an understanding of the peculiarities of marketing in the Scandinavian countries, especially about their thinking.
9. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Rice, Jack Trout.
One of the longest written books. The book is simple, understandable, the usual immutable truths are written in clear language. Trout the young man.
10. "First class service, as a competitive advantage "John Schole.
For those, who is engaged in retail or service, this book is a constitution. The largest number of service innovations in Euroset are taken from it. After reading to the middle of the book, decided to invite Shawl to speak in front of my entire management team. Polonsky from Mirax did it before me. I'm going to go to ASASHAY to study companies, advised by Shawl's company Service First. This book can be read in Euroset during the working day.
11. Ein Rand "Atlantis argues shoulders".
I would like to speak about this book especially.. This is the real bible of entrepreneurship. I think, what is the most powerful piece, both in essence and in meaning, written in 20 century.
In Euroset, this book can also be read during the working day..
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