Central Bank obliges investors to be tested

Центральный Банк обязал инвесторов проходить тестирование

Clients of brokers successfully pass risk knowledge tests of complex financial products at least in 40% cases, showed the poll. Testing new customers has become a must with 1 October, however, some companies started doing it earlier.

New Testing Rules

Among the users of Tinkoff Investments, more than 40% clients, said a company spokesman. Tinkoff launched testing with 22 September.

Central Bank obliges investors to be tested

"Finam" (over 39 000 clients according to the Moscow Exchange) introduced testing 21 September, and since then the exam has been successfully passed in 49,1% cases. "Opening an investment" (Otkritie Bank group accounts for over 40 000 clients) ran tests 15 September, clients successfully passed 59% knowledge tests.

BCS World of Investments company announced 87% successfully passed tests with 22 September.

Central Bank obliges investors to be tested

Investor Testing – one of the most controversial central bank decisionsInvestor testing – one of the most controversial decisions of the central bank

VTB Press Service, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank (second, third and fifth in terms of the number of clients Brokers, according to the Moscow Exchange, respectively) declared, that they started testing only with 1 October.

How to take tests?

Total tests are available by 11 types of instruments and the Forex market, after an unsuccessful attempt, the test can be taken again.

  • Finam said, that the most difficult tests were for access to the Forex market - clients passed more 2000 tests, but only 5% - successfully. This type of test turned out to be the most popular., company approves.

Central Bank obliges investors to be tested

Less than half coped with testing under repo agreements and foreign shares - 32% And 47,1% successful tests respectively. In the "Opening" on tests on REPO, against, high rate of change - 66%, as well as for unsecured transactions (79%).

In total, Finam took tests 2500 human, at Otkritie, clients have already passed 67 000 tests.

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