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Declares a set of JC-100 list

Still, a little mistake, assuming that the light does not close the month in positive zone. According to the analytical reports from various sources, end of the month was marked by the inclusion in the institutional game, and that moved the market up.

Now we have Monday again be included in the game for the gradual recruitment of long-term stock portfolio and close short positions, since volatility gradually subsides and may detrimental impact on short-term strategies. Possible, next week will not be very bullish since been growing for several days and someone decides to take profits. But the overall market sentiment is clearly optimistic.

I think that the new growth cycle, if it is, former leaders recede into the shadows, replaced by a new. Of shares FAANG Amazon only more or less kept, and the other is unlikely to have lead the race.




He ended the month. It is time to rebalance the portfolio of stocks MICEX JCRus-5.

The portfolio add GMKN, PLZL, LKOH, GAZP instead ALRS, Iran, SNGSP, Tatn.
NVTK remains.

The result for the month -0,28%. The MICEX index over the same period +1,69%

The theoretical form of equity from the beginning of the year, which almost coincides with the real:

It can be seen that the slump went too LCHI since the beginning of 2018. Good that the stock section is not registered in the championship :)



Fourteen years.

So it was exactly fourteen years old since I started their speculation on the exchange and OTC markets. And, I began once thoroughly, and exactly from the moment, it was the only source of income. I know that for many it was not so — some are trying a couple of years in the demo, or learn something, in any kind of courses, workshops etc., Then after draining the first deposit takes a break, constructed shopping sistemki, They hang out on the forums, hoarse arguing about the correct methods of trading, then again enter the arena with the symbolic deposit, again drained and either go & quot; to the plant & quot;, or rubbed into okolorynok, share their experience and knowledge for beginners.

I was in a different way, once in the pool with his head, speculation to the fullest, simultaneously reading the books, forums. Even at the very beginning on the demo forex delayed by exactly two days, I am thinking that everything has been realized and it is time to move on now to make money.

Further developments have repeatedly described, so I will not repeat. I focus only on the most significant losses, which happened over the years is.

1) Forex 2005 year. After the increase of the deposit twenty times, back to the starting point for the week. Well that already at that time understood that forex is not what should be dealt with and the main activity was already in US equities.

2) Soybean futures and corn 2007 year. Cereal then greatly increased, and I decided that it is necessary to short them, but not designed that contracts are quite expensive, and when the price went up, surprised losses. But I decided not to give up and added to shorts. But the grain did not stop and went even higher. In the end, ends, I could not resist and recorded a loss. At the heart immediately felt better in spite of the huge losses. Futures gave up a long time. :)

3) Stock 2007-2008 year. See how shares rose all the time, I came to the conclusion that they need to buy a long-term. For example, moving averages crossed upwards — buy. crossed down — close a position. Also it was necessary to ripen such a solution is just at the very beginning of a bear market. In General, The entire portfolio closed at a loss, and a rather large, as the moving average down strongly was late for stramitelnym prices fall. And this event instilled in me the immune system and the fear of long-term positions until the middle 2016 year, when & quot; I have decided to repeat & quot;, but this time it turned out well :)

4) stock futures hedge index. 2009 year. When 2009 year, the market went up, no one believed that the recovery will be a V, and not the letter W. I was among them, and so, waiting for the second leg to short reduction decided SP-500 futures on the value of the volume, dedicated to trade stocks. But the decline was not, and in late September, has closed a huge loss on the futures.

5) 2018 year. The biggest loss for the swing system on the SP-500 futures, formerly of the year brought the most stable income from all systems.

Maybe something forgotten, but these still remember. You can still add, though not a big loss, as sometimes to zero, sometimes a little profit, sometimes in the negative — it's just exhausting trade futures portfolio trendsledyaschimi system during 2011-2013 and 2016-2018 .



IBD: the uptrend is confirmed.

IBD market today changed status to & quot; market correction" on & quot; market confirmed uptrend" and recommend starting moderate buying. Yesterday was a day of shock for all indexes on the increased volume, which indicates the beginning of institutional purchases.

Globally it may up, but, I think, not today, tomorrow may be a negative day, as I have already accumulated potential for profit for those who bought at the bottom. So, while preparing for the short shorts, while others do not advise, since the late phase correction (if now, do, it) most dangerous for games at shortstop, because it shares in the enthusiasm of the crowd can be a few days to grow very strongly.

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