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Notes on 14 Oct

  • Redid the statistics log under him
  • Begin to tightly monitor and analyze every deal
  • I will try to describe their own interesting deals
  • Two weeks will sharpen only the model of the trend continuation
  • Increasing the volume of positions
  • Bring your trading to a new level

P. S . To be continued, do not switch ;)



Notes 23 Mar

  • Not to gather quickly desired position

Not worth quickly gain position while the action stands still, only by the movement of the. The risk in stocks increases. Better 3 times to buy then, than immediately enter the entire volume.



Notes on 19 Nov

Compliance with the rules strict discipline gives off:

  • Deals have become more deliberate and selective.
  • The number has decreased, but there was a quality performance.
  • Foot became less and less.
  • The main task now is to continue in the same spirit and the result will not keep itself waiting.
  • Plan to increase the number of winning trades to 40-45%, now 30-35%.
  • Increase the risk / profit 1 to 5-8.

P. S. In the coming days plan to reduce the cost of the trading platform and pay for a dedicated server for those who want to open an account on the NYSE through us .



Notes 6 Oct

The main problem hindering trade – “Study” eliminated and you can improve it. The last time she wanted to leave the best, need a week to recover to previous levels may be two.

  • Reduce your position size to 500 stock
  • Limit 150-200 $
  • On the day 4-6 deal max
  • Stop no more 10 cents
  • Only trends with good potential

Friday will be the free seminar on the Internet another good trader, details will be tomorrow. Estimated time 13:00 in Moscow

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