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Полезные ресурсы для инвесторов: официальные сайты курсов криптовалют, exchanges, портфелей и ICO. В разделе собраны ссылки на сайты и сервисы связанные с обращением криптовалют



Promotions and cryptocurrency. Similarities and differences

Many potential investors, who want to enter the market kriptovalyutny, never before faced such financial instruments. However, most of them have at least some idea of ​​the stock market. Alas, this knowledge will stand them in good stead when the digital currency trading.

Let's examine the main differences and similarities between stocks and cryptocurrency.



In the United States court equated ICO-tokens to securities

U.S. district court in Brooklyn have likened ICO to issue of securities. The decision was made in the framework of the proceedings for fraudulent tokentalk businessman Maxim Zaslavsky.

According to Bloomberg, at the preliminary hearing, the judge Raymond Deary agreed with the prosecution, that said, under the Federal criminal law of primary placement of coins equal to the securities issue. It remains to consider the jury, and, if they agree with this verdict, it will be a precedent for all similar industries.



What is a decentralized exchange (DEX)?

A decentralized market (DEX, decentralized exchange) is exchange, which works based on a distributed registry, does not keep means and personal user data on their servers and only acts a platform for matching requests for purchase or sale of assets to users. Trading on such platforms is done directly between the participants (peer-to-peer) without any financial intermediaries.

While most of the existing exchanges, calling themselves decentralized, in fact, are not such: to store information about tenders and bids to purchase or sell the asset users they use their own servers, however, private keys stored at the users themselves.




The basics of risk management when trading cryptocurrencies

Types of risks

With any financial transactions there are risks, of the varieties of which there are many.

For example:

  • market risk — the risk of unfavorable changes in the value of the asset;
  • credit risk is the risk of bankruptcy of the Issuer of the cryptocurrency or its failure to perform the assumed payment liabilities;
  • liquidity risk — the risk of failure to convert the whole amount of positions in the fiduciary currency (or equivalents) at the best prices;
  • operational risk — risk of inability to trade or I/o assets.

These and many other risks affect the performance and stability of financial markets and individual participants. When a financial institution or the Corporation does not fulfill its obligations, get losses from transactions with financial assets or operating activities, this has a negative impact on the prices of related assets. This situation usually is contrary to the interests of stakeholders.

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