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Amazon – The world's largest company in the field of Internet trading

Amazon is the largest American company in the world by turnover among selling goods and services via the Internet. It was created in 1994 year, American entrepreneur Jeff Bezosa, and in 1995, the year it was launched the website. The company was named after the Amazon river, the deepest in the world. Let's see how to look like the warehouses of this company. Impressive.


Microsoft exchange iPhone on a Windows Phone

C this Friday in the Microsoft stores can take a used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 in order to get a discount from 200 $ for the company's products, according to Forbes.

Such action is already in force with 5 Sep on iPad. Handed over the tablet give a discount 200 $ , you can buy any product in the store. Microsoft consultants recommend to buy a return Surface, but the buyer is not forced to do it.



The shareholders of Qiwi sell 9,427 million shares of the company on $305,4 million


A number of top-managers and major shareholders of the company Qiwi sell on the exchange Nasdaq to 9,427 million shares of the company, stated in the prospectus of Qiwi; the aggregate value of the shares is estimated at 305,4 million dollars.

According to the prospectus, to free purchase on the stock exchange the proposed 8,197 million shares of class B, more 1,23 million shares will be offered as an option for the purchase of the placement banks Credit Suisse and VTB Capital. The cost of the proposed placement of shares, based on their average prices on the Nasdaq as of 20 Sep, made 305,4 million dollars.



Citadel Securities: computers, control the stock market

Trading platform Citadel Securities without fanfare, has become one of the largest forces in U.S. stock market.

From the 35th floor of an office building in downtown Chicago Citadel concludes in the United States, one transaction with shares of every eight. It sells approximately 900 lots of millions of shares a day. Using the Citadel system is more shares, than the new York stock exchange (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE), which sells approximately 700 lots of millions of shares a day.

If you own a retirement account or ever used the services of an online broker, your transaction is almost certainly passed through Citadel.

The most striking fact about the trading hall of the exchange is, how eerily quiet it seems.

Trading hall "manage" approximately 40 people, but they just watch computers, which use algorithms to complete and file exchange applications.

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