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The first woman bought a seat on the NYSE

At the age of 80 died Muriel "Mickie" Siebert, the first woman, member NYSE.


Muriel Siebert

1968. Mickey has always been the most recognizable figure on the WS

Muriel "Mickie" Siebert became the first woman, taking place on NYSE. She was the founder and owner of a brokerage firm, which bears her name — Muriel Siebert & Co. Inc.

Jane Macon, Director of Siebert Financial, speaking about her death, called her"a fabulous woman, a trailblazer and pioneer in the male business world", that has raised the bar for all, entering into the financial world after her. However, it "opening the door, always kept it for the people, following her".

She bought a seat on the NYSE in December 1967 after months of struggling with the resistance of business with purely male dominant.

Muriel Siebert (Muriel Siebert) - the first woman-broker on the New York Stock Exchange - died 24 Aug at the age of 80 years. This writes The New York Times, citing a member of the Board of Directors Siebert Financial Corporation Jane Macon (Jane H. Macon).



Thomas R. Demark / Thomas R. DeMark

Trader and consultant Tom Demark (Tom DeMark) recently invented dozens of original technical indicators and relies solely on the technical principles of timing in its research activities and trading. Once he even signed up for the CFA program (certified financial analyst – certified financial analyst), but decided not to pass it to the end. "The markets in the long term are characterized by baseline. But my indicators measure psychology is, what is technical analysis", explains Demark. Demark's first dive into the world of Finance occurred after finishing graduate school with two majors – business and legal, then he was in the early 70-ies was appointed to the position of the fundamental analyst at National Investment Service, located in Milwaukee (PCs. Wisconsin). The firm managed pension assets and assets with a joint profit of about $ 300 million. $ ., investing mainly in securities and shares fixed-income. The power of National Investment Service was timing.. Demark, however, it reminisces about his first job: "I was a professional gofer. I was below everyone in the company, but quickly rose, because I was able to choose the time for operations".



Stephen Cohen / Steven Cohen

Stephen Cohen grew up in great Neck, the state of new York, in the family of manufacturer of clothes and teacher of piano. The family was large and noisy. Cohen believes, it was here that he learned to concentrate on the main. And maps, and at school, Cohen has succeeded. “In the morning on his Desk lay often packs of hundred bills”, – says Donald, 47-year old accountant from Florida. “With poker, I learned to take risks”, – Cohen says. At the University of Pennsylvania he studied Economics, played poker and got interested in the stock market. He opened an account at the brokerage Gruntal and put $7000, designed for education. In the near to the hostel the brokerage office, he watched the market and thanks to a few deals earned enough, to pay all bills. In 1978 g. Cohen took a job at Gruntal, where on the first day earned for the company 8 000 $. In the end, Cohen did approximately 100 000 $ a day for the company, to 1984 he administered a portfolio of $75 million and the group of six traders. On his account was the transaction, who helped Gruntal to cover the losses, incurred due to transactions of other traders.

In 1992 G., after leaving Gruntal, Cohen opened a hedge Fund, investing there $20 million of its own funds (today, the company manages the amount of more than 12 billion $). At that time, the industry of hedge funds was still relatively small, and the bull market of the 1990s has only just warmed up. Many troubled high payment of services, he demanded from investors, therefore, the new Fund managed to raise only $13 million from investors. A dozen traders and portfolio managers, located in a small office on wall street, managed to double the assets of the company and earn around 17,5% annual. To 1995 g. the assets of SAC has increased fourfold. Cohen moved the headquarters to Stamford and began to open branches. He developed a special computer program, allows you to track undervalued or overvalued by the market shares.



Richard Dennis / Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis, also known by the nickname “Prince of the Pit”, born in Chicago, in January 1949. In the early 1970s, he borrowed a few thousand dollars, and ten years later turned them in 200 millions of dollars. When specializing in futures trading Fund, managed by Denis, suffered significant losses during the fall of the stock exchange 1987 year, he's a few years removed from the trade. Dennis started work messenger in the trading room of the Chicago stock exchange CME in 17 years. A few years later he started trading mini-contracts on own account at the Mid-America Commodities Exchange. After a series of successful deals Dennis bought a seat on a much more expensive Chicago Board of Trade. To get around the age limit, Richard worked as his messenger and gave application for execution father, which stood on his land in the “pit”.

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