Where to learn to trade CME futures?

In order to diversify, I want to master trading commodity futures on CME.

The systems I use are mostly trendy, therefore, and trade better trending instruments (well, his, This heavy SP500. Least, on a very, very good look).
Well, now the actual question, more precisely a series of questions:
Where you can read about all this more or less systematically?


Choosing a broker, minimum depot amount for different brokers, broker's commission, exchange commission, lot size (mini-lot) , Language of communication

Language of communication everywhere English. An exception — MirusFutures (in Russian)

Choosing a Data Provider?
The cost of real-time flow of data quotes, differences in flows from different providers, difficulties in this matter, who met in real life.


Choosing a trading system, monthly fee for the trading system, technical support, Language of communication

If you mean the trading system, not a platform, then that's exactly what it is. 99% what it takes to make money. There is of course, systems on sale, for example on ebay.com, nose 99,999% the probability will be a non-earning system, and simply created and optimized for sale. Usually, the system is developed in-house on the basis of the acquired experience of trading on exchanges and non-exchange markets.

Procedure for opening an account with a broker, procedure for concluding a contract with the data provider, procedure of institution of money to the account, procedure for withdrawing money from the exchange (from a broker?),

The procedure is simple — press the button for the selected broker “открыть счет” and then fill in all that, what will be proposed. Same with data providers. Money can be transferred to the account only from your account in any bank or from an American broker. Withdrawal is also only on your own account. Instructions should be viewed from a specific broker.

to the accounts of which banks the withdrawal can be made, speed of input/crediting/withdrawal/taxation for citizens of the Russian Federation and at what point it arises.

To your accounts of any banks. Обычно за 1-3 of the day. taxes calculate and pay yourself at your place of residence after a year. Americans only take taxes on dividends, but since you will trade futures, then dividends do not threaten you.

  Пятница грядет...

Purchase and cost of historical data (ideally, tick data for 5 of recent years), from whom the purchase is made, wholesale/retail by tools, are there any differences in the price for the purchase of tick data/1min/5/min, etc., free data sources (can be found in the network and somewhere laid free 5-min?)

Intraday, and especially tics for free can hardly be found. Tiki for 5 years is unrealistic or will cost VERY expensive.
Дневки (Gluing) online can be found for free, for example, on tradingblox.com

Subtleties: “I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to trade under a glued contract, therefore, the transition schedule is now hanging and warnings are no longer required. " The mentioned gluing is done by the exchange / broker / do it yourself?

Or with your own hands, or there is such a service with some data providers.

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